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commercial dumbwaiters brisbaneWhat Is A Dumbwaiter?

A dumbwaiter is a small service lift designed to transport objects between floors, rather than passengers. Dumbwaiters are often used for commercial applications such as in hotels, restaurants, and hospitals. However, dumbwaiters are also suitable for use in multi level residential homes.

The Benefits Of Installing A Dumbwaiter

Save Time

One of the key benefits of using a dumbwaiter is that it saves time. Instead of having to walk heavy items up and down the stairs, they can be transported within seconds using a dumbwaiter. This means that workers will have more time to complete other duties that would normally be sent walking items up and down the stairs, increasing productivity.

Reduce The Risk Of Injury

Frequently carrying heavy items up and down stairs can cause an injury due to constant strain on your back. Additionally, carrying large items while traversing staircase can increase the risk of falling as it can inhibit your ability to see where you’re going clearly. This can lead to serious injury that could result in staff being unable to work.

Conversely, with a dumbwaiter items can be transported between floors quickly and without risk to the health and safety of your team. This is because the use of a dumbwaiter allows employees to traverse staircases with full vision and no added back strain in order to meet the items on the intended floor.

Save Space

A dumbwaiter offers the same object transporting benefits as an elevator or freight lift with the added benefit of taking up less space. This makes dumbwaiters ideal for use where space is limited as they are significantly smaller than other lifts. In fact, a dumbwaiter takes up 50% – 70% less floor space than a standard elevator.

Additionally, as they are smaller than traditional lifts, dumbwaiters require less construction during the installation process for minimal disruption to your business.

Note: Dumbwaiters cannot be used to transport passengers.

Save Money

Another benefit of installing a dumbwaiter is that it is more cost effective than a passenger lift. This means that you can save money while still installing a dumbwaiter lift to transport items between floors and boost worker productivity. Plus, using a dumbwaiter to transport items between floors also reduces the risk of damage as there is no chance of the items being dropped while walking up the stairs, saving you time and money.

Quality Dumbwaiters QLD & NSW

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