Microfreight Freight Lift

The Microfreight industrial freight lift is the ideal solution for moving goods for industrial and commercial applications. The Microfreight goods lift is a quality Italian service lift that combines cutting edge space-saving technology with a classic design that will seamlessly fit into any environment. The Microfreight lift range offers both goods only lifts as well as freight lifts to transport goods with an attendant.

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Goods Lift & Freight Elevator Brisbane

Microfreight is the ideal freight lift range for quickly and safely transporting goods between floors in a commercial environment. The Microfreight range consists of two product lines: Microfreight Classic and Microfreight Plus.

Microfreight Classic – The Microfreight Classic is a standard freight lift for the transport of goods only with a load rating of 500 to 1500 kg.

Microfreight Plus – The Microfreight Plus is also a goods lift, however, the Microfreight Plus is designed with a car operation panel to carry goods with an attendant. This lift has a rated load from 500 to 1400 kg.

Both the Microfreight Classic and the Microfreight Plus are designed with a structure supported frame allowing them to be installed almost anywhere. Each lift has a maximum lift height of 15 metres and can have up to two entrances installed on each floor.

The Microfreight range utilises a reliable electronic 3-phase control with a high quality reduction gearbox for quiet operation. Additionally, Microfreight lifts are fitted with a range of safety features including an electromagnetic disc brake with flywheel for emergency operation.

Microfreight - The Industrial Freight Lift For Any Industry

Microfreight freight lifts are available in a range of different models including a variety of car sizes to suit your requirements. This versatile goods lift is ideal for use in a range of environments including warehouses, supermarkets, shops, and anywhere else where pallets, trolleys, containers, and other loads need to be transported between floors.

If you’re looking for a reliable freight lift for moving goods only, or goods with an attendant, the Microfreight range is a great option. Contact Axis Lifts today on 1300 002 947 for more information on installations and maintenance for freight lifts Brisbane, Queensland, and Northern New South Wales.

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