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Commercial Applications

Discover the ultimate in commercial access solutions with Axis Lifts. Catering to a diverse range of commercial settings, our offerings include a selection of high-quality commercial lifts designed to meet your specific needs. At Axis Lifts, we understand the importance of efficient, reliable access solutions. That’s why our dedicated team of in-house technicians is committed to providing expert installation services that ensure minimal disruption to your operations. Beyond installation, we stand by our commitment to excellence with comprehensive servicing and maintenance programs available to keep your lift operating smoothly and efficiently.

From our base in South East Queensland, we extend our services across Brisbane, Queensland, and Northern New South Wales, delivering top-tier commercial lifts that promise to enhance the functionality and accessibility of your premises. Contact Axis Lifts at 1300 002 947 today for a consultation, and let us assist you in finding the perfect lift solution for your project.

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Commercial Applications

Lifts For Schools

Axis Lifts are a leading QLD lift provider installing lifts for schools across Brisbane & QLD.

Lifts For Restaurants & Hospitality

Does your venue span multiple levels that staff need to navigate with prepared foods, goods or other bulky items? A dumbwaiter could be the right solution

Lifts For Childcare Centres

Axis Lifts are a leading QLD lift provider and install lifts for childcare centres across Brisbane and QLD.

Lifts For Warehouses

Looking for a goods lift or freight hoist for your warehouse? Look no further than Axis Lifts.

LIfts For Offices

Installing a lift in your office building will help to create an inclusive environment where employees and visitors can move easily and safely between floors.

Lifts For Apartments

Axis Lifts have a great range of lift solutions for residential and commercial projects including apartment buildings.

LIfts For Shopping Centres

In the bustling environment of a shopping centre, ensuring smooth and safe access for all your visitors, regardless of their mobility level, is paramount.

Lifts For Libraries

Public libraries are pivotal community hubs that provide a wealth of knowledge and resources to individuals of all ages and abilities.

LIfts For Retail

Whether your retail space requires a compact lift for occasional use or a more robust solution designed to handle the demands of high traffic

Lifts For Outdoor Stairs

Navigating outdoor stairs can pose significant challenges for individuals using wheelchairs, limiting their access to outdoor spaces and buildings.

Commercial Lifts Gallery

With over 94 years of combined experience in the lift industry, you can rely on Axis Lifts to provide expert advice and quality commercial lift services. We pride ourselves on providing prestige commercial lifts at affordable prices. For more information on our commercial lifts including available finishes, and even bespoke finishes, contact Axis Lifts on 1300 002 947.

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