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Residential Lifts

Axis Lifts offers a range of residential lifts that can improve mobility in your home and add value to your property. Whether you’re looking to provide wheelchair access to your home or to avoid the difficulty, and potential hazards that come with the use of stairs, Axis Lifts has the access solution for you. We offer reliable residential lift solutions for all of your access needs. From design and purchase, to installation and on-going maintenance, you can rely on Axis Lifts.

Axis Lifts is a Queensland based lift company offering personalised residential access solutions across Queensland and Northern New South Wales. With over 94 years of combined experience in the lift industry, Axis Lifts can provide expert advice and support throughout the whole process of installing a lift, as well as reliable aftercare services.

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Our qualified team has over 94 years of combined experience in the lift industry, specialising in prestige lifts at affordable prices. Contact Axis Lifts today for a custom quote.

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Aritco 4000

The Aritco 4000 platform lift range includes the most compact home lift on the market. This lift offers the access benefits of a commercial elevator while only taking up the space of a wardrobe, and comes with a range of personalisation options including lift colour and flooring materials.

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Aritco 6000

Aritco 6000 is a larger range of platform lifts with rated loads ranging from 250 kg to 500 kg, and the option of platform sizes large enough for wheelchair use. This lift also comes with a range of personalisation options, from lift colour to flooring material, designed to complement any environment.

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Aritco HomeLift

The Aritco HomeLift range is the cutting edge of residential lifts. Available in 5 different sizes the Aritco HomeLift can transport between 2 to 5 persons at a time. With user-friendly lift controls for simple operation, the Aritco HomeLift makes access simple.

Axis 18 Residential Lift
AXIS 18 Tresa Lift

The Axis 18 is the ultimate residential lift that combines high performance with energy efficiency. With its sleek design, and the option to be mounted either externally or internally, the Axis 18 can be used to compliment a range of home layouts and decor.

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Axis Lifts install and service quality residential lifts Brisbane and Queensland wide. We also offer alternative home access solutions including platform stair lifts and platform lifts. For quality residential lifts Brisbane, Queensland and New South Wales, at affordable prices, call Axis Lifts today on 1300 002 947 or email us at

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