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Aritco HomeLift Platform Lift

The Aritco HomeLift is the cutting edge of residential lifts providing a beautifully simple solution to all your home access needs. This lift is available in five different sizes and can be personalised to compliment your space with a range of different colour, design wall, and flooring options. The Aritco HomeLift is the perfect combination of functionality and luxury.

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The Aritco HomeLift is available in 14 different colours with the option of having the walls and doors painted in different colours. Additionally, the DesignWall is backlit by an LED light and there are a number of stylish designs, patterns, and images that you can choose from to turn your HomeLift into a feature.

Available in five different sizes, the Aritco HomeLift range is designed to fit your needs and limitations. The S5, S8, and S9 are the smaller lifts in the range, built with a very narrow mast side. Their compact size makes them ideal for use in homes where space is limited, yet they are still spacious enough to hold between 2 to 3 occupants.

The S12 and S15 are the larger lifts of the range with carrier sizes of 1000 x 1200 mm and 1100 x 1400 mm respectively. These lifts can transport up to 5 occupants at a time with a load capacity of 400 kg, and are ideal for transporting items, with the S15 having a large enough platform for wheelchair use.

The Aritco HomeLift can be used for 2 to 6 floors with a maximum travel height of up to 15,000 mm. This lift is built with user-friendly lift controls for simple operation making it easier than ever to access every level of your home.


How Do Aritco Screw And Nut Platform Lifts Work?

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Aritco HomeLift Platform Lift
Aritco HomeLift - Making Access Simple

The Aritco HomeLift is first and foremost designed to improve mobility and offer an easy solution to home access problems. However, it is also designed to be a feature in your home and can be personalised to suit your space and taste. Use the Build Your Lift tool at to see how your personalised lift will look.

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