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Aritco, an award-winning manufacturer of platform lifts, offers a range of innovative solutions for homes and public/commercial spaces. Central to the functionality of Aritco Platform Lifts is a safe and reliable screw and nut driving technology. In this article, we’ll delve into how this mechanism operates and explore the unique features that set Aritco lifts apart.

Screw and Nut Home Lift Driving System Diagram

Screw and Nut Driving System

Aritco Platform Lifts rely on a robust screw and nut driving system for their operation. The motor and nut are securely affixed to the platform wall, providing a sturdy foundation. When the lift is in operation, the motor drives the nut in a rotation around the screw. This rotational movement lifts or lowers the platform, ensuring a smooth and controlled ride for users.

Safe and Reliable Screw and Nut System

Screw and Nut Platform Lift Safety

Aritco places a strong emphasis on safety. To prevent any emergencies, a small incline on the screw acts as a natural brake, ensuring that the lift cannot fall unexpectedly. This feature provides an additional layer of security, instilling confidence in users.

Platform Lift Smooth and Noise Free Automatic LubricationInnovative Solutions for a Smooth Ride

Aritco Platform Lifts prioritize a hassle-free experience. An automatic lubrication system ensures a quiet and frictionless ride, minimizing wear and tear. Both the screw and nut are crafted from the highest quality materials, highlighting Aritco’s commitment to durability and reliability.

Comprehensive Safety Features

Aritco lifts are equipped with an array of safety features, including safety edges, automatic door locks, and an innovative safety nut solution. These features work together to create a secure environment, allowing users to navigate the lift with confidence.

Space-Efficiency and Easier Installation

A notable advantage of Aritco lifts is their space-efficient design. Unlike traditional lifts, they do not require additional space above, below, or around the lift. This makes them not only easier to install but also a cost-effective solution for a wide range of environments.

Aritco-How Do Platform Lifts Work?

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Aritco Platform Lifts are at the forefront of accessibility solutions. With their advanced screw and nut driving technology, focus on safety, and array of convenient features, they represent a reliable and efficient means of vertical transportation. For those in QLD and Northern NSW, consider Axis Lifts for the installation of Aritco Platform Lifts to experience a new level of accessibility.