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Aritco 4000 Platform Lift

The Artico 4000 home lift is designed to complement any space and can be customised to suit the style of your home. This indoor platform lift features a screw & nut drive system for reliable operation, and it’s compact size makes the Aritco 4000 ideal for any home environment.

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The compact size of the Aritco 4000 home lift makes it ideal for use where space is limited. However, this lift is also available in several different sizes to suit your requirements.

The Aritco 4000 platform lift provides the access benefits of a commercial elevator while only taking up the space of a wardrobe. This lift also offers the advantage of a shallow pit of only 50 mm. Alternatively, with a ramp, no pit is required at all.

Equipped with battery operated emergency lowering, the Aritco 4000 allows for an easy exit from the lift in the case of a power failure. There are no hydraulics needed to drive the lift and the robust 25mm shaft panels also provide noise isolation, producing a relatively silent lift operation.

The Aritco 4000 home lift has a maximum lift height of 13 metres and a rated load of 250kg making it suitable for most residential lift applications.

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How Do Aritco Screw And Nut Platform Lifts Work?

Enclosed Shaft Platform Lift
Aritco 4000 - Compact & Customisable

The Aritco 4000 is the most compact home lift on the market. Built to comply with the highest safety standards and designed to blend into any space, the Aritco 4000 is the perfect home lift.

There are a range of customisation options to choose from to ensure that your new Aritco lift fits seamlessly into your home including different colours and materials, as well as the option to have glass walls. Additionally, the compact size of the Aritco 4000 means that it can usually be installed in a home without too much modification to the existing floor plan.

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