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Aritco 6000 Platform Lift

The Aritco 6000 is a versatile home lift available in several different sizes depending on your needs. From the same range as the Aritco 4000 compact home lift, the Aritco 6000 is a larger lift that offers a wider variety of choices in materials and colour to ensure that your lift perfectly complements your home.

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The Aritco 6000 home lift is extremely versatile, available in 6 different platform sizes with varying rated loads ranging from 900 x 1040 mm with a maximum load of 250 kg, to a 1100 x 1480 platform floor area with a rated load of 410 or 500 kg. This lift is built to meet the highest safety standards and can be customised to suit any space.

Just like the Aritco 4000, the Aritco 6000 home lift has the benefit of a small pit of only 50 mm, or no pit at all when installed with a ramp. However, the Aritco 6000 is larger than the 4000 making it ideal for use for wheelchair access, and suitable to transport up to 5 people at a time.

The Aritco 6000 is fitted with a number of quality safety features including a battery operated emergency lowering system in case of a power outage. The screw and nut drive system will also prevent the lift from falling down in the case of a system failure.

In addition to a standard door size, the Aritco 6000 can also be installed with a half height door in some cases, which is ideal if you require an open shaft or if the head space is low.

How Do Aritco Screw And Nut Platform Lifts Work?

Aritco 6000 Platform Lift
Aritco 6000 - Designed To Suit Your Home

If you want a lift that can be designed to suit your home then the Aritco 6000 is a great choice, as it comes with a range of personalisation options. Customisation options for the Aritco 6000 include 9 available flooring materials of vinyl or rubber.

Additionally, the whole lift can be painted in any RAL colour including the shaft, doors, and platform panels. Alternatively, the lift can be partially painted in different colours to suit your taste. You will also have the option to choose from clear glass, tinted glass, dark tinted glass, and frosted glass to suit your needs.

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