Lift Maintenance Brisbane & QLD

Axis Lifts offers quality lift maintenance and repairs Brisbane and Queensland wide. We have a range of maintenance packages to choose from to ensure that the type and frequency of maintenance fits your needs and budget.

Our team of highly trained service technicians can provide quality maintenance and breakdown services for a wide range of lifts including residential lifts, commercial lifts, freight lifts, platform stair lifts, and dumbwaiters.

If you’re looking for a reliable lift maintenance package look no further than Axis Lifts. Call us today on 1300 002 947 to discuss the best maintenance option for your needs.

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lift maintenance brisbane & QLD
Preventative Lift Maintenance

In accordance with the Australian Standards for lifts, elevators, and moving walks, all elevating platforms require regular maintenance. Axis Lifts has a range of planned maintenance options available to ensure that your lift runs smoothly all year round.

Not only will regular lift maintenance ensure that your lift runs safely and efficiently, it can also reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns and major repairs.

24/7 Service Response

Axis Lifts has more technicians than any other Queensland lift company allowing us to provide reliable repairs and lift maintenance Brisbane and Queensland wide. Our 24 hour emergency response facility will ensure that you will always be able to contact a qualified service team member in the event of an emergency breakdown.

With the advantage of emergency response that we offer, you can use your lift with the peace of mind that help is only ever a phone call away.

Our experienced team of lift technicians will provide quick and efficient maintenance for minimal downtime. Call Axis Lifts today on 1300 002 947 for reliable lift maintenance Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, and Brisbane wide.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost to service an elevator?

The cost of servicing can vary significantly based on a number of factors such as what type of lift you have and how often it is used.

Axis Lifts offers a wide range of lift maintenance plans to suit any budget, for both residential and commercial lifts. Call us today on 1300 002 947 for a free quote.

How long does a home elevator last?

With regular, quality maintenance and servicing, the average home lift can last upwards of 20 to 25 years after installation. However, the life expectancy of a lift can vary greatly based on the type of lift, how it is used, and environmental factors.

The highest contributing factor to the life expectancy of a lift is maintenance. A poorly maintained lift may last as little as 15 years, whereas a professionally cared for lift can last 25+ years.

How often should residential elevators be serviced?

As a general rule, residential lifts should be inspected and serviced manually. However, some lifts may require more frequent maintenance based on the type of lift as well as the frequency of use.

If the lift manufacturer recommends a more frequent maintenance schedule this should be followed.

Why does a lift need regular maintenance?

Just like your car, a lift is made up of many moving parts that should be regularly inspected and tested to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Ensuring that your lift is regularly and professionally maintenance will extend the lifetime of your lift and reduce the likelihood of damage or breakdowns.

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