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Aritco Brings a Scandinavian Fairytale to Milan Design Week

Aritco has once again showcased its unique blend of Scandinavian mythology, nature, and innovative design at Milan Design Week. This year’s event, running from 15th to 21st April, focused on sustainability and innovation, setting the stage for future trends in interior design and architecture.

Milan Design Week: A Hub of Innovation

Milan Design Week is an annual event that draws designers, architects, and enthusiasts from around the world. Known for its forward-thinking approach, the 2024 edition emphasised how we can enhance our living spaces without compromising on style or sustainability. Among the many exhibitions, Design Variations by Mosca Partners stood out, transforming a 3,000 square metre garage near the Duomo into a dynamic display of innovative installations.

The Fairytale: A Collaborative Masterpiece

In this vibrant setting, Aritco unveiled “The Fairytale,” an exhibition that beautifully encapsulates the essence of Scandinavia. Created in collaboration with Italian partner Vimec and renowned Scandinavian designer Alexander Lervik, this interactive display transported visitors to the enchanting forests of Sweden. Inspired by the legendary painter John Bauer, the exhibition invited attendees into a magical realm filled with trolls and princesses, showcasing the Aritco HomeLift not just as a mobility solution, but as a canvas for personal expression.

Aritco Homelift at Milan Design Week

A New Standard in Home Lifts

Central to Aritco’s exhibition was the debut of the latest Aritco HomeLift. This new model offers enhanced customisation options, allowing homeowners to personalise their lifts with unique DesignWall images and a variety of flooring, lighting, and panel choices. This ability to customise transforms the HomeLift from a functional device into a central element of home design, enabling residents to craft their own unique narratives within their living spaces.

Bringing the Fairytale to Life

David Schill, Marketing Director at Aritco, expressed his excitement about the new possibilities: “Milano Design Week is the largest event in the world for design media and architects. We are looking forward to presenting the updated customisation possibilities of the Aritco HomeLift to journalists and architects from all over the world. The unique features are not possible with any other home lift in the market. To break through the buzz here in Milano, you need to do things in a different way. We brought the full story of the forest from Scandinavia to Milan and are excited to welcome visitors to experience ‘The Fairytale’.”

Aritco’s exhibition at Design Variations ran from 14th to 21st April, in conjunction with local partner Vimec. For more information about the event and to explore the innovative features of the new Aritco HomeLift, visit the Mosca Partners website.

Axis Lifts is proud to share this exciting update from Aritco, highlighting the intersection of art, nature, and technology in modern home lifts. Axis Lifts supply and install the following lifts from Aritco the Aritco 4000, Aritco 6000, Aritco 7000 and the Aritco Homelift with lifts suitable for residential and commercial applications. For more information about Aritco lifts and to explore how you can integrate these innovative solutions into your home, contact Axis Lifts today on 1300 002 947.