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Looking for a goods lift or freight hoist for your warehouse? Look no further than Axis Lifts. With 94 years of experience and the largest in-house install team in QLD we have the experience and knowhow to get the job done. We have a wide variety of options for commercial applications including mobility access solutions, dumbwaiters, passenger lifts, pallet elevators, freight hoists and goods lifts. As QLDs leading lift provider we cover the entire state for supply and install. If you are looking at a lift to add to your material handling arsenal contact the team at Axis Lifts for a free consultation today.

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Lifts For Warehouses & Storage Facilities Brisbane & QLD

Lifts For Warehouse Mezzanine Floors, Raised Storage Areas & Industrial Application

When you think of warehouses people often think of rows and rows of pallet racking. However when your location isn’t forklift centric pallet racking by itself often isn’t the best solution. To increase storage capacity or available working space many businesses take advantage of raised storage areas or warehouse mezzanine floors. This approach helps businesses maximise the use of vertical space in their location, removes the need to move location and can reduce the size of the property needed for operating reducing ongoing rental costs.

If your operation is looking at the option of raised storage areas or warehouse mezzanine floors a goods lift or freight hoist could be the addition you need to tick all the boxes.

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