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If your looking for a safe and efficient way to transport goods between floors in your commercial building there are two main options: dumbwaiters and freight lifts. Installing a service lift will not only save time and increase productivity, it will also significantly reduce the risk of workplace injuries as manual handling will be reduced.

Both dumbwaiters and freight lifts are cost-effective ways to safely transport goods in a commercial setting. Choosing the right lift for your business will ensure that your lift is well equipped for your lifting needs, whereas an ill-suited lift can result in costly repairs and damages. Axis Lifts is Queensland’s leading lift company, providing both dumbwaiters and freight lifts Brisbane wide. If you’re not sure which type of lift is best for your needs, talk to the experts today on 1300 002 947.

Dumbwaiter vs Freight Lift: Which Is Best?

Dumbwaiter vs Freight Lift


A dumbwaiter is a small freight lift of similar design to standard platform lifts, however, it is much smaller and is only equipped for the transport of goods rather than people. One key benefit of a dumbwaiter for the transport of goods is its compact design, taking up less space than any other type of commercial lift. However, with its small size comes a smaller lifting capacity when compared with a freight lift. Commonly used in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and even offices, dumbwaiters have the capacity to transport most small goods ranging from food and laundry to files, records, and boxes.

In comparison to a freight lift, dumbwaiters can typically travel to greater heights, making them the ideal choice for use in taller buildings. Additionally, unlike freight lifts, dumbwaiters can be used in both commercial and residential applications.

If you’re looking for a quality dumbwaiter in Brisbane, look no further than the Microlift. Axis Lifts offers the quality, Italian-made Microlift dumbwaiter for installation Brisbane and Queensland wide. The Microlift range offers load ratings ranging from 24 to 300kg for all of your commercial lifting needs.

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Freight Lifts

Freight lifts serve the same function as dumbwaiters, however, they can be used to transport significantly heavier loads and loads of greater size. Freight lifts are commonly used in stockrooms and warehouses where larger, heavier items are transported such as furniture and palleted goods.

In comparison with dumbwaiters, freight lifts tend to have a slower lifting speed, though still traveling fast enough to significantly increase productivity and reduce handling time. Though they take up more space than a dumbwaiter, freight lifts are often used in large open spaces such as workshops and storerooms where the space needed for installation is negligible.

Axis Lifts installs quality, cost-effective freight lifts from the Microfreight range Brisbane and Queensland wide. Combining cutting-edge technology with a classic design, the Microfreight freight lift will fit seamlessly into your commercial space for the safe and easy transport of large and heavy goods with rated load capacities ranging from 500 to 1500kg. In addition to goods-only lifts, the Microfreight range also offers freight lifts that can transport goods with an attendant, a feat of which a dumbwaiter is incapable of.

Choosing The Right Service Lift

Choosing the right service lift between a dumbwaiter and a freight lift comes down to the specifications and requirements of your space. If you need a compact service lift that won’t take up too much space for the transport of small to medium-sized items of up to 300kgs, a dumbwaiter is an ideal solution.

If you need a service lift that can transport large and heavy objects weighing up to 1500kg, and even an attendant when necessary, then a freight lift is the way to go.

As Queensland’s leading lift provider, with over 94 years of combined experience, Axis Lifts has the ideal service lift for your needs. If you’re not sure which lift is right for you, call us today on 1300 002 947 for a consultation and quote or fill out our contact form.