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Can A Private Lift Be Fitted To The Outside Of An Apartment Building

Installing A Lift To The Outside Of An Apartment Building

Installing a lift is a great way to improve accessibility to an apartment building, ensuring that all residents and visitors can easily access the apartments regardless of mobility level. Apartment lifts are often installed as part of the building process, however, it is also possible to retrofit a platform lift to an existing apartment building.

Axis Lifts is Queensland’s leading lift company, providing quality lift installations at a competitive price for both detached homes and apartment buildings. If you want to improve accessibility to your building, contact Axis Lifts today to discuss the ideal access solution for your needs. Call us on 1300 002 947.

When To Install A Lift In An Apartment Building

Whether you’re finding it increasingly difficult to travel up and down the stairs, each day or you’re suffering from a mobility-limiting illness or injury, it’s never a bad time to install a lift in your apartment building. No one should have to struggle to access their own home.

Many apartment owners will also consider installing a lift to futureproof their apartment, ensuring that they will be able to maintain their independence and continue to reside in their apartment building well into retirement.

Why Install A Lift?

There are many benefits to installing a lift in an apartment building, from providing improved access and increased quality of life, to increasing the value and appeal of your apartment when it comes time to sell.

Improved Access

The most common reason to install a lift in an apartment building is to improve building accessibility. With a lift, you can ensure that your apartment can be easily accessed by you and your loved ones, whether they struggle to take the stairs or require the lift of a bulky walking aid.

Increased Quality Of Life

Installing a lift can also increase your quality of life, not only for less abled people but for everyone in the building. This is because installing a lift eliminates the backache and risk of injury of having to walk up and down the stairs when you’re in a hurry or after a long day. Additionally, a lift allows for the easy transport of items between levels, whether you’re bringing in the groceries, taking out the trash, or even moving furniture, you will be able to do so from the comfort of your very own lift.

More Suitable Alternative To Other Lifts

In most cases, installing a platform lift in an apartment building is the most suitable access solution as it not only allows for the transport of passengers but walking aids too. Alternatives such as chair lifts and stairlifts are able to transport less and can obstruct the common stairwell making taking the stairs more difficult for other residents and their visitors.

Increased Property Value

In some cases, a lift can also increase the value of the apartments in the building. Additionally, a lift will increase the range of people that your apartment will appeal to, whether leasing or selling as it will become a viable option for those with mobility issues and the elderly

Considerations When Installing A Lift In An Apartment Building

Body Corporate

One obvious consideration when installing a lift in an apartment building is the body corporate, and also the other apartment owners for communal lifts. As with any major change to the apartment building, you will need approval from the body corporate. Additionally, if your intention is to install a communal lift you will need the support of the other owners within your building.

Choosing The Right Lift

Another consideration when installing a lift is choosing the right lift for your needs. Residential lifts come in a range of sizes, capacities, and customisation options. Consider how many people will be using the lift, whether or not they will have walking aids, and how often the lift will be used. Each of these factors will help to determine which lift is best for your needs. If you’re not sure, talk to one of Axis Lifts’ lift specialists today on 1300 002 947.

Choosing The Right Location

You will also need to consider where the lift will be installed to get the most use out of your investment. For existing buildings, external installation of the lift shaft as an addition to the building is often the easiest option as it requires the least amount of building works for minimal disruption and a cost-effective installation.

Choosing The Right Lift Company

Finally, you will need to choose the right lift company to ensure that you are getting the ideal lift for your needs with quality installation and reliable aftercare. Axis Lifts is Queensland’s leading lift company, with more technicians than any other Queensland lift company. With over 94 years of combined experience, you can count on Axis Lifts to provide expert advice and quality lift installations at a competitive price. For more information, give us a call on 1300 002 947 or check out how we retrofit a lift to an apartment building at Magnetic Island.