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Chair Lifts vs. Platform Stair Lifts

Whether you or a loved one require assistance to travel up and down the stairs or you are simply looking for an easy way to improve accessibility in your home, both chair lifts and platform stair lifts provide a cost-effective access solution.

Due to their compact size and affordability, chair lifts and platform stair lifts are commonly used to increase accessibility in Australian homes. Both lifts can be used to provide easy access to the upper levels of your home without physical exertion while reducing the risk of injury. However, choosing the right lift for your needs will depend on your particular access requirements.

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What’s The Difference Between Chair Lifts & Platform Stair Lifts

Chair Lifts

Chair lifts are a great way to improve access for users who can still walk but may require some assistance when taking the stairs. A chair lift is made up of a motorised seat that runs on a track, following the path of your existing staircase.

Suitable only for indoor use and typically only used in residential applications, a stair lift operates on battery power, ensuring that it can still be used in the event of a power outage. As a result of its simplistic design, a standard stair lift installation on a straight staircase without any landings can be completed in as little as a day or two.

For more complex applications, such as installing a chair lift on a curved stairway, or one with multiple landings, a longer installation time of up to a few weeks can be expected.

Platform Stair Lifts

Platform stair lifts are slightly more versatile than chair lifts as they can be used to transport those able to walk as well as those who require the use of a wheelchair or walking aid such as a mobility scooter or walking frame.

Like a chair lift, stair lifts can be installed on both straight and curved stairways, travelling the same oath as the stairs. However, platform stair lifts are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and can be used in both commercial and residential applications. Additionally, a platform stair lift can be folded away when not in use, minimising the obstruction to the stairway.

Axis Lifts offers quality platform stair lift installations for both straight and curved stairways, providing reliable access solutions at a competitive price. For more information, visit our product pages or give us a call on 1300 002 947 today.

Vertical Platform Lifts

As a third alternative to chair lifts and stair lifts, wheelchair platform lifts are another affordable access solution. However, as the name suggests, rather than following to staircase, a vertical platform lift travels vertically straight to the desired landing. Vertical platform lifts are also most commonly used in, though not limited to, commercial applications, rather than residential.

Similar to a platform stair lift, a vertical platform lift transports an entire platform, accommodating users in wheelchairs and with walking aids such as mobility scooters and walkers.

Axis Lifts offers 1 and 2 metre vertical platform lifts for installation Brisbane and Queensland wide, at a competitive price. For more information, visit our vertical platform lift product page.

Choosing The Right Access Solutions

In order to choose the right access solution for your needs, whether chair lift or stair lift, you will need to identify who will be using it as well as their level of mobility. Are they able to walk? Do they require the use of a walking aid? It can also be useful to identify how often the lift will be used as well as how often the stairs will be used by others.

If you’re not sure which access solution best suits your needs, talk to the experts at AXis Lifts today on 1300 002 947.

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