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Warehouse space should never be approached as a one size fits all because each business will operate their warehouse differently. However, a great way most businesses can maximise the use of their warehouse footprint is by taking advantage of vertical space. Two great ways to take advantage of air space are through vertical racking systems, or installing a completely new level with a mezzanine floor. 

1. Choose the right racking

Warehouse racking can store a wide variety of different units, from hand-picked items to palletised products. When it comes to maximising storage space and balancing warehouse efficiency, choosing the right racking system for your warehouse is crucial. Choosing the wrong racking could significantly increase the amount of floor space required. Some of the common factors that you should consider in your racking configuration include stock picking, high/low product differentiation, long life or perishable product lines, product/pallet accessibility, receiving and dispatch, and work areas. Macrack created a quick guide to the types of warehouse racking that you can view here.

2. Install a mezzanine floor

Have you run out of space and are considering a move into a larger warehouse? It might be premature. Mezzanine floors open your warehouse up to a world of opportunities by allowing you to take advantage of unused air space. Building a mezzanine floor in your warehouse or commercial building can quickly double your floor space and isn’t limited to storage. With a mezzanine floor, you can also create workspace, offices, clean rooms and even labs. Installing a mezzanine floor can help you convert your commercial space into what you need it to be.

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3. Consider a freight lift

Installing mezzanine floors or multi-tiered racking systems quickly allows you to maximise the use of otherwise unused air space in your warehouse or commercial building. This approach can remove the need to move location, takes advantage of vertical space and can even reduce ongoing rental costs / build costs by reducing the footprint required. If you are considering building up, installing a goods lift, freight hoist or passenger lift could be the addition you need to tick all the boxes.

Axis Lifts

Considering building up in your warehouse or commercial building and need an access solution? Look no further than Axis Lifts. With 94 years of experience and the largest in-house install team in QLD we have the experience and know-how to get the job done. We have a wide variety of options for commercial applications including mobility access solutions, dumbwaiters, passenger lifts, pallet elevators, freight hoists and goods lifts. As QLDs leading lift provider we cover the entire state for supply and install. If you are looking at a lift to add to your material handling arsenal contact the team at Axis Lifts for a free consultation today.