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Why Install A Lift In Your Office Building?

Improve Accessibility

One of the most obvious benefits of installing a lift in your office building is that it will provide uninhibited access throughout the workplace for employees, visitors, and guests, allowing them to move around comfortably regardless of their mobility level.

An office lift can also be used to easily transport items between levels, from files and boxes to furniture and even garbage bags. Additionally, employees or office visitors who require the use of a walking aid, such as a wheelchair or mobility scooter, will be able to move around easily with their aids as opposed to other access solutions like a chair lift.

Increase Safety

An office lift will also help to increase safety, reducing the risk of fall or injury when travelling between floors. Rather than having to walk up and down multiple flights of stairs each day, your staff will be able to quickly and safely travel between floors without risk of falling down the stairs.

In fact, an office lift can significantly reduce the risk of workplace injuries that could result in your office becoming understaffed, let alone the financial implications of a workplace injury. This is particularly true when employees may be carrying something up the stairs as the risk of a fall and/or injury is significantly higher.

Custom Access Solution

With Axis Lifts, you can design the ultimate access solution for your office building. From choosing the size, capacity, and number of floors serviced to customisation options including colour and finish, we will help you design the ideal lift for your needs.

Our customisation options will ensure that your new lift reflects your brand and complements the decor of your building. Whether you’re looking for a stand out centrepiece or a streamlined design that will fit seamlessly into the existing building style, Axis Lifts has the solution. Call us today on 1300 002 947 for a quote.

Boost Building Appeal

Another reason to install an office lift is to increase the value and appeal of your building. Not can a lift increase the value of your building, it will also help your building appeal to a wider market when subleasing. This will increase the likelihood of securing a reliable subletter to help offset your expenses, improving your bottom line.

Quality Commercial Lifts Brisbane

Axis Lifts is Queensland’s leading lift company, providing quality commercial lift installations Brisbane and Queensland wide. If you’re considering installing a lift in your office building, look no further than Axis Lifts. With over 94 years of combined industry experience and more lift technicians than any other Queensland lift company, you can count on us to provide quality lift installations at a competitive price. For more information, give us a call on 1300 002 947 or fill out our contact form.