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Installing a lift in your home is more cost-effective and easier than ever before with lifts offering the ability to be customised to suit your specific needs. But what should you consider when you are installing a lift in a home for a wheelchair user?

When installing a lift it is important to consider the size and style of the wheelchair that is used. This includes the current and potential future fit of a different wheelchair model as well. Different wheelchair designs have different floor space requirements for ease of operation and manoeuvrability. If at some point the user needed to move to a larger model, for instance, would the chosen lift still work? There are a few things to keep in mind when making a selection.

Platform Dimensions

The main two factors to consider for wheelchair accessibility are its dimensions and turning radius. These two factors will affect things like the required entrance width, if the floor space is large enough to easily contain the wheelchair and an attendant or if the user can easily manoeuvre into and out of the lift. 

Entering and exiting the lift

In a lot of home lifts, a user will enter and exit the lift from the same side. For a wheelchair user, the best method for entrance and exit is on the opposite side of the lift. This means that the user doesn’t have to reverse or rotate the wheelchair to exit the lift, but rather can just move forward through the opposite side.

Consulting the professionals

When choosing a lift for a home, each client has different needs and the motivation for installing the lift will be different too. At Axis Lifts we take the time to understand your unique requirements in a free consultation. This ensures that our specialist team can design a solution which is the right fit for your home. 

As one of QLD’s leading lift providers with over 94 years of combined experience, we have the product range and technical expertise to help you improve mobility in your home. Our lift range includes wheelchair platform lifts, enclosed lifts and service or freight lifts for both residential and commercial applications. We offer affordable and prestigious solutions to fit your budget or design preferences.

For more information on choosing the right lift for your home contact the team at Axis Lifts today on 1300 002 947.