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Enclosed shaft platform lifts are the ideal access solution for both commercial and residential use. Axis Lifts has a range of enclosed shaft platform lifts available to suit your needs, from the compact Aritco 4000 home lift to the larger Aritco 6000 home lift that can easily fit a wheelchair. The Aritco range of platform lifts are available in a range of colours and glass tints and can be customised to suit any environment. 

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Designed for safety, comfort and aesthetic appeal, the Aritco range of enclosed shaft platform lifts can be personalised to suit any environment. Axis Lifts offers quality installation on a range of enclosed shaft platform lifts for residential use including:

  • Aritco 4000
  • Aritco 6000
  • Aritco HomeLift

Enclosed shaft platform lifts can be used to provide easy access to multi level homes. They will typically be designed to carry between 2 to 5 people and are also suitable for wheelchair use. One huge benefit of choosing an enclosed shaft platform lift is that it does not require a separate operator, unlike many stairlifts, allowing for independent use.

Each enclosed shaft lift we install is built to meet the highest safety standards and comes with a range of optional colours and glass tints, allowing you to design a home lift that will perfectly complement your space. Additionally, installation of the Aritco range of enclosed shaft platform lifts is made simple with and short pit of only 37 to 50 mm required depending on the model (or no pit at all when there is a threshold/ramp).

Enclosed Shaft Platform Lift
Enclosed Shaft Platform Lifts - Residential & Commercial

The Aritco platform lift range offers the perfect combination of access and style, allowing for independent and easy access to all levels of your home. For more information on each enclosed shaft platform lift we offer visit the individual product pages or give us a call on 1300 002 947.

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