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indoor vs outdoor lifts

Installing a home lift comes with many benefits like providing easy access to all levels of the home as well as increasing property value. Some residential lifts have the option of being either internally or externally mounted. To make the decision on whether your home is better suited to an indoor or an outdoor lift you will need to consider how much space is available, your home layout, kerb appeal, and the climate in your area.

Available Space

The most obvious consideration when choosing between an internally or externally mounted lift is the available space inside your home. If you choose to install the lift indoors you will need to allow enough space for the entire cabin and shaft, which may mean that you have to adjust the current layout of your house.

Alternatively, if you have limited space inside your home, an externally mounted lift is a great option as you will not have to give up any indoor living space or have to redesign the interior of your home to include the lift.

Kerb Appeal

Another factor to take into consideration is the kerb appeal of your home. Installing a lift can add value to your property, however, an externally mounted lift will affect the kerb appeal of your home.

If you’re reluctant to change the outside appearance of your home than an indoor lift is the way to go. In fact, indoor lifts show little indication that a lift has even been installed. This allows you to maintain the kerb appeal of your home while increasing the value of your property by making all levels of the home easily accessible regardless of mobility.

Home Layout

If you do not want to have to adjust your home layout to include a lift shaft consider an eternally mounted lift. As mentioned above, an external lift will take up no room in your home allowing you to keep the interior layout as is.

Additionally, an externally mounted lift provides minimal disruption to the interior of your home during installation. Often external lift installations are much more straightforward as there is no need to move plumbing, duct work, or electrical work to make room for the lift shaft.


Finally, when choosing between an internally mounted lift and an externally mounted lift you will need to consider the weather conditions in your area. Outdoor lifts are built to be durable and withstand normal weather fluctuations of rain and sun. However, if you live in a more extreme climate where harsh weather conditions such as heavy snow are common, an indoor lift is the way to go as the lift will be protected from the elements.

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