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Home lifts are becoming increasingly popular in Australia, with more home lifts being sold each year. There are many reasons for the growing popularity of home lifts, ranging from the access and convenience they provide, the ever decreasing land sizes and increasing property prices.

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Why Home Lifts Are Becoming More Popular In Australia

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More Affordable Than Ever

Just 10 years ago, home lifts used to be a luxury that few could afford. However, recent advancements in lift technology have allowed them to become more affordable than ever, making them a popular addition in homes not only for those with mobility issues, but also for homeowners looking for that added convenience.

As a result of their affordability, every year the number of home lifts that are sold and installed in Australian homes is dramatically increasing. In fact, home lifts are becoming so popular in Australia that many home builders are drawing them into their plans for new multi-storey homes, or at least making provisions that would allow easy installation of a lift in the future.

Compact Lift Design

Another reason that home lifts are becoming increasingly popular is their new, more compact design. Rather than having to install a lift the size of an elevator that you’d find in a shopping centre or apartment building, advancements in home lift technology have allowed for lifts to become much more compact.

In fact, some home lifts take up as little floor space as a small closet or large armchair. Additionally, many home lifts do not require a separate machine room or deep pit, making installation simpler than ever before. This means that home lifts are far easier to fit into the floor plan of a home than they used to be, ensuring that you aren’t sacrificing too much floor space for the convenience of accessibility.

Smaller Land Sizes & Increasing Property Prices

As land availability in Australia decreases, blocks of land are getting smaller and more expensive, with less blocks available. As a result, many new homes are being built up, rather than out, allowing homeowners to make the most of their space, without having to purchase more land.

Installing a home lift allows you to make the most of your property, enjoying the added space and views of a multi-storey home, with the access and convenience of a single storey house.

Additionally, increasing property prices also mean that homeowners are looking for a property that will allow them to stay as long as they want, rather than having to relocate as they age or their mobility decreases. This is because it is much easier, and can even be more affordable to future proof your home with a lift than to sell and buy back into the market.


Installing a home lift provides access and convenience for all household members as well as friends, family, and visitors. Not only does a home lift provide easy access for those with limited mobility, they can also be used to transport everyday items between floors quickly and safely. This includes anything from groceries, laundry, and rubbish, to luggage, prams, and even furniture.

Increase Property Value

Finally, installing a home lift is a long term investment that will increase the value of your property. Additionally, when it comes time to sell, your home will appeal to a wider market as many potential home buyers looking for a future proof or accessible home will not even consider a multi-storey home that does not include a home lift.


Whether you’re building a new home or looking to retrofit a lift into your existing home, Axis Lifts has the ideal access solution for you. Call us today on 1300 002 947 for expert advice on choosing the right access solutions for your needs and a free quote.