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A home elevator provides the convenience and safety of accessing all levels of your home at the touch of a button. There are many reasons why homeowners will consider retrofitting a home lift, from an immediate need to make the home wheelchair accessible, to assisting in transporting large and heavy items between levels, and even future proofing your home.

Though a home elevator is a significant investment, there are a number of benefits that come with retrofitting a home lift, from improving accessibility and safety in your home, to avoiding a stressful relocation and even increasing the value of your property.

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The Benefits Of Retrofitting A Home Elevator

Improve Accessibility

The key benefit to installing a home elevator in your existing home is improving accessibility. A home lift makes it easy for household members and visitors alike to travel between the levels of your home at the touch of a button.

This means that you, as well as any friends, family or guests, will be able to access all areas of your home without difficulty, regardless of mobility level. Additionally, a home lift can be used to transport items between floors, such as laundry, groceries, prams, and even furniture, for your convenience.

Avoid Relocating

Whether you’re already struggling with having to walk up and down the stairs in your home or starting to plan for your retirement, many homeowners have to consider relocating due to declining mobility while living in a multi storey home. However, moving house is not your only option.

Installing a home lift in your existing home means that you can avoid the stress and effort of relocating and continue to enjoy the comfort of your family home for longer. This is because a home lift essentially transforms a multi-level home into single storey living.

Make Your Home Safer

Another benefit of retrofitting a home lift in your existing home is that it can help to make your home safer. Constantly having to walk up and down the stairs can cause strain on your back and joints, let alone the risk for injury they pose as a result of falls.

This is particularly true for elderly residents as well as those with limited mobility. Additionally, carrying large or heavy items up or down the stairs can further increase the risk of injury.

A home lift is the perfect solution to make your home safer, as it allows for simple and safe travel between floors at the touch of a button. Plus, you can use your home lift to transport items between floors rather than having to carry them yourself, putting your safety at risk.

Increase Property Value

Installing a home lift can also increase the value of your property for when it comes time to sell. As a home lift is essentially an upgrade that adds safety and  convenience to your home, it will also help to increase the overall value of the property.

A home lift can also increase the marketability of your home. This is because it will appeal to a wider range of home buyers that would otherwise restrict their search to single storey homes due to accessibility issues. Additionally, many potential buyers will look for a home that is future proof, allowing for easy access to all areas of the home, regardless of mobility level.


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