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With continual advancements in accessibility assisting equipment, quality access solutions for commercial buildings are more accessible and affordable than ever. Installing an access solution in your building can not only ensure that you are meeting your legal obligations to consumers, it can also help to increase efficiency and productivity for your business.

Whether you’re looking to make your office, restaurant, or retail store wheelchair accessible, or you need an access solution that will make back of house operations more efficient, Axis Lifts has the solution for you.

Axis Lifts are your local access solution specialists, providing reliable lift services for both residential and commercial applications. For personalised advice on choosing the right access solution for your commercial building and a free quote call 1300 002 947 today.

Choosing The Right Access Solution For Your Commercial Building

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Enclosed Platform Lift

An enclosed platform lift is a great way to make your building wheelchair accessible, and can be used to transport aged or disabled passengers, as well as prams, trolleys, and more. Axis Lifts offers a range of enclosed platform lifts designed for commercial use that can be customised to suit the needs and decor of your building, including the Aritco 7000 and the Axis 16 Platform Lift.

Aritco 7000 Platform Lift

The Aritco 7000 platform lift can be installed internally or externally to suit your space requirements, and can be customised to complement and blend in to any building. The Aritco 7000 operates on a reliable screw and nut system and comes complete with a shaft for easy, cost effective installation.

It has a maximum lift height of 4 metres in commercial applications and a carrying capacity of 40kg (with an optional 500kg upgrade). Its compact size ensures that it will easily fit into existing buildings and its relatively silent operation will ensure minimal disruption to the surrounding environment.

Click Here for more information on the Aritco 7000 Platform Lift.

Axis 16 Platform Lift

The Axis 16 platform lift is a versatile access solution, providing disabled access for up to 12 metres in commercial buildings. The enclosed cabin lift can be used to transport passengers alongside mobility aids such as wheelchairs, mobility scooters, walkers, as well as other items such as trolleys and prams.

The Axis 16 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use to meet the requirements of your commercial building, and is the perfect choice for reliable disability access in commercial applications such as offices, carparks, and retail stores.

Click Here for more information on the Axis 16 Platform Lift.

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Platform Stair Lift

Platform stair lifts are an affordable access solution that can be used in a range of commercial applications to provide uninhibited access to areas that would otherwise only be accessible via stairs. Axis Lifts offers two types of platform stair lifts to suit the needs of your building including curved and straight platform stair lifts.

Straight Platform Stair Lift

The standard or straight platform stair lift provides disability access to areas that are otherwise accessed via staircase. The straight platform stair lift has a range of commercial applications and can be installed both indoors and outdoors to provide access to building entryways and raised outdoor areas, as well as mezzanine or upper levels within retail stores, restaurants, schools, and more.

The Axis 7 Straight Platform Lift can be used to transport wheelchair users, mobility scooters, walkers, and even ambulant passengers.

Click Here for more information on the Axis 7 Straight Platform Stair Lift.

Curved Platform Stair Lift

The Axis 7 curved platform stair lift is designed to provide access on a curved stairway that cannot accommodate a straight platform stair lift. This ensures that regardless of your building or stairway, there is an access solution available to suit your needs.

Additionally, both the straight and curved platform stair lifts can be folded to a width of only 395mm or less when not in use, ensuring that use of the stairway is not inhibited by the lift.

Click Here for more information on the Axis 7 Curved Platform Stair Lift.

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Vertical Platform Lift

Another commercial access solution that can be used to provide reliable wheelchair access to your commercial building is a vertical platform lift. Axis Lifts offers vertical platform lifts in both 1 metre and 2 metre models.

1 & 2 Metre MPR Platform Lift

Similar to the platform stair lifts, a vertical lift uses a platform to raise and lower passengers between levels. However, a vertical platform lift travels directly up and down, rather than following the trajectory of a stairway, making them a reliable and space saving alternative to a wheelchair ramp.

Click Here for more information on the 1 & 2 Metre MPR Platform Lifts.


Affordable Commercial Access Solutions Queensland

For personalised advice on choosing the right access solution for your commercial building and a free quote, contact your local lift experts at Axis Lifts today on 1300 002 947.