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Specifications Table

Feature Specification
Drive System Patented screw / nut system
Rated Load 400 kg
Power Supply 230 VAC single phase, 50Hz, 9A/16A slow
Number of Stops 2
Travel Speed 0.8 m/sec
Control Voltage 24V
Motor Power 3 kW
Environment Indoor and outdoor
Car Size 1100 mm width x 1400 mm depth
Lift Dimensions 1300 mm width x 1795 mm depth
Number of Doors 1 gate at each level
Compliance AS1735.14 for 1M, AS1735.15 for 2M
Emergency Lowering Yes

At Axis Lifts, we are dedicated to providing quality disability access solutions that adhere to the highest standards of safety and efficiency. Our 1 & 2 metre MPR platform lifts are a testament to this commitment, designed to meet the needs of both commercial and residential clients across Brisbane and Queensland. In this blog post, we delve into the detailed specifications of these platform lifts to help you understand why they are the ideal choice for enhancing accessibility in various environments.

Advanced Drive System for Smooth Operation

Our 1 & 2 metre MPR platform lifts are equipped with a patented screw and nut drive system. This advanced drive mechanism ensures smooth and reliable operation, providing users with a comfortable and efficient lift experience. The precision engineering of the drive system provides minimal maintenance and long-lasting performance, making it a cost-effective solution for your accessibility needs.

Robust Load Capacity

These platform lifts boast a rated load capacity of 400 kilograms, allowing them to comfortably accommodate users along with their mobility aids. Whether for residential or commercial use, this robust load capacity ensures that the lifts can handle a wide range of accessibility requirements, providing peace of mind for both users and facility managers.

Efficient Power Supply and Motor Specifications

The lifts are powered by a 230 VAC single phase power supply, operating at 50Hz with 9A/16A slow. The motor power of 3 kW ensures that the lifts can operate efficiently, even under continuous use. This powerful yet energy-efficient motor is designed to deliver reliable performance while keeping operational costs low.

Designed for Versatility

Our MPR platform lifts are suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, providing versatile accessibility solutions for a variety of settings. With dimensions of 1300 mm width by 1795 mm depth and a car size of 1100 mm width by 1400 mm depth, these lifts are designed to fit seamlessly into different architectural layouts without compromising on space or aesthetics.

Safety and Compliance

Safety is paramount in all our lift designs. The 1 & 2 metre MPR platform lifts comply with the latest Australian standards: AS1735.14 for 1M and AS1735.15 for 2M. These standards ensure that our lifts meet rigorous safety and performance criteria, providing users with a secure and reliable means of access. Additionally, the lifts feature emergency lowering capabilities, offering an added layer of safety during unexpected situations.

User-Friendly Design

The lifts are designed with user convenience in mind, featuring controls for the platform, safety arms, and ramp at both landings and on the platform itself. The automated controls ensure ease of use, allowing users to operate the lift independently. When not in use, the lift folds to an unobtrusive width, ensuring it does not impede the regular use of the surrounding space.

The Axis Lifts 1 & 2 metre MPR platform lift

The Axis Lifts 1 & 2 metre MPR platform lifts are designed to deliver superior accessibility solutions with their advanced drive system, robust load capacity, and compliance with stringent safety standards. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these lifts offer versatility, reliability, and ease of use, making them an excellent choice for enhancing accessibility in any setting. Reach out to Axis Lifts today to discover how our platform lifts can meet your accessibility needs.

Contact Us for More Information

At Axis Lifts, we understand that every client’s needs are unique. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales team is always ready to provide detailed information and answer any questions you may have about our 1 & 2 metre MPR platform lifts. Whether you are looking to enhance accessibility in your home, office, or commercial building, we are here to help you find the perfect solution.

Contact us today at or call 1300 122 868 to learn more about how our platform lifts can improve accessibility in your environment.


1 & 2 Metre MPR Platform Lifts Drawings