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If you’re considering installing a home lift it’s important to take into account the regularly servicing and maintenance of your new lift. Much like any other machine with moving parts, a home lift requires regular inspections and maintenance to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently.

Neglecting the maintenance of your lift can not only reduce its lifespan, it can also increase the risk of damage, breakdowns, and even serious injury.

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Why Do Lifts Need Professional Maintenance?

As a lift owner, not only is it important to ensure the safety of yourself and anyone else that may use your lift, there are also legal requirements that need to be met regarding regular and professional lift maintenance.

To ensure the safe operation of your lift, whether commercial or residential, it’s essential that the lift is regularly inspected and maintained by a trained and qualified professional. Not only will regular maintenance ensure safety, it will also reduce the risk of damage, repairs, breakdowns, and downtime while waiting for the lift to be repaired.

Additionally, regular inspections will save you money as any issues with the lift can be identified and addressed early, before any further damage can be caused. This will also extend the service life of your lift as all components will be well maintained to run smoothly and efficiently.

Finally, professional maintenance will ensure that your lift is running at its best at all times, maximising efficiency and saving you money on energy usage and running costs.

What Does Lift Maintenance Include?

During a scheduled lift maintenance your lift technician will check on the condition of the equipment and ensure that it is operating correctly and efficiently. They will also clean and lubricate the inner mechanisms of the lift for smooth operation.

Additionally, your lift technician will check for any damage or worn parts that may need to be replaced to prevent any further damage and extend the lifetime of your lift.

How Often Do Lifts Need To Be Serviced?

At a minimum, home lifts need to be professionally maintained at least once every twelve months, however, many lift companies will recommend a nbi-annual lift maintenance schedule. This will ensure that your lift runs safely and smoothly all year round and reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns and repairs.

Who Can Provide Lift Maintenance?

As mentioned above, lift maintenance should only be carried out by a highly trained and fully qualified lift technician. To guarantee the quality of your lift maintenance, choose a lift company with ample resources and experience.

As Queensland’s leading lift provider, Axis Lifts is the number one choice for quality lift maintenance Queensland and NSW wide. With more technicians than any other Queensland lift company, you can count on us to provide quality lift services whenever you need them. Plus, we offer a 24/7 service response for round the clock support and troubleshooting as well as quick response services in the unlikely event that your lift requires emergency repairs.


For reliable commercial and home lift services at an affordable price, choose Axis Lifts. Call us today on 1300 002 947 for a free quote.