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how to make your business wheelchair accessibleConverting your business premises to be wheelchair accessible expands the opportunities for your business, both in terms of the customers that can access your products or services, as well as the employees you can hire.

Not only will making your business wheelchair accessible ensure that you meet all legal responsibilities, in regards to accessibility for Australian businesses. It can also significantly increase your customer base, as more than four million Australians (one in five people) live with a disability.

How To Make Your Business Wheelchair Accessible

The first step to creating a wheelchair-friendly business is ensuring that your premises is accessible.


Start by providing a level entry to the building. There are a number of ways to achieve this depending on the type of access that is already available. If your building currently only has a small step at the entry, simply add in a ramp to allow wheelchair access.

If there are a number of stairs, installing a 1 or 2 metre outdoor platform lift is a more suitable solution. This provides wheelchair access to the building as well as easy access for customers with prams or walkers.

Consider installing automatic doors for ease of access. Alternatively, replace heavy entry doors with a lightweight alternative, ensuring that any handles are low enough for wheelchair-bound customers to use.


In addition to making the entry to your premises accessible, there are a number of changes that can be made to the interior of your establishment to accommodate less abled customers. One way to ensure that your business is fully accessible is to widen any doorways to least 800mm to provide comfortable wheelchair access. Additionally, aisles or corridors should be at least 1200mm wide to allow for the turning circle of a wheelchair or pram.

As with the entryway, ensure that any internal door handles are at an appropriate height for seated use. If your business spans over multiple levels, installing a commercial lift will provide your customers with simple and easy access to all of your products and services. Plus, commercial lifts can also assist in helping customers transport any products they are looking to purchase between floors easily.


Another consideration when creating a wheelchair accessible business is amenities. For example, if there are toilets on the premises, you will need to provide a separate disabled toilet or a stall with wheelchair accessibility. You may also want to consider adding disabled priority car parks.

Additionally, make sure that customers know that your business is now accessible to all! Ensure that any accessibility features you provide are also prominently displayed on your business website.

Legal Access Responsibilities In Australia

Not only will making your business wheelchair accessible help to expand your customer base, it will ensure that you are meeting your legal responsibilities as an Australian business owner in regards to anti-discrimination laws and the federal disability discrimination act.

The law states that, in Australia, any customer unable to access the goods and/or services that a business offers can make a complaint of discrimination under the aforementioned laws.

Affordable Access Solutions Queensland

Whether you’re looking to expand your customer base, or to simply meet your legal requirements as a business owner, Axis Lifts can help. We offer a wide range of access solutions Queensland and NSW wide including commercial lifts, dumbwaiters, platform stair lifts, and outdoor 1 & 2m platform lifts.

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