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home elevator safety tips

Although it’s normal to be cautious about safety when installing and operating a lift, home lifts can be simple and safe to use for both children and adults when the correct safety protocols are observed.

Follow our home elevator safety tips for a reliable home lift that will safely transport your family and friends throughout your home for years to come.

Professional Installation

Ensuring that your home lift will operate safely, year round, begins with the installation. It’s important to choose an established lift company with lift technicians who are experienced with home lift installations, fully licensed, and insured.

By choosing a lift company with qualified and experienced technicians you can rest assured that your new home lift will be installed in accordance with all relevant safety guidelines and regulations. Additionally, reputable lift companies, such as Axis Lifts, will only use quality equipment and fittings, ensuring that all moving parts meet the current safety standards for residential lifts in Australia.

Ensure 24/7 Support

When choosing a lift company to install your life, it’s also important to find out if they will offer all of the support you will need throughout the lifetime of your lift. Axis Lifts offers a 24/7 response service so you can rest assured that we are working to ensure the safe operation of your lift around the clock.

From providing over the phone troubleshooting to dispatching trained technicians in the unlikely event of an emergency, we’ve got you covered.

Observe Weight Capacity

Another important safety tip to remember when using a home lift is to always observe the weight capacity of the lift provided by the manufacturer. When choosing the right lift for your needs consider how many people will be travelling in the lift to choose the best weight capacity for your home, and then stick to it.

Choosing to ignore the weight capacity provided and overloading your lift poses safety risks for anyone using the lift by putting unwarranted strain on the cables and pulleys. Additionally, overloading your lift can result in damage to lift components requiring repairs, and can even reduce the lifespan of your lift.

To prevent this, ensure that everyone in your household is aware of the lift’s capacity and avoid overloading the lift with too many passengers or heavy objects.

Plan For Emergencies

Although an emergency in your home lift is unlikely, no one can predict when a fire or natural disaster will occur. Planning for the unlikely event of an emergency will ensure the safety of your household.

In the event of a fire, do not use the lift as there may be damage to the lift’s wiring. Additionally, the fire could destroy the phone line preventing you from calling for help if the lift becomes stuck. In the event of an unexpected breakdown, use the emergency phone in the lift to call for help. As mentioned above, Axis Lifts offers a 24/7 service response to provide you with round the clock support in the case of an emergency breakdown.

Note: To ensure your safety in case of emergency, regularly check that the phone inside the lift is functioning correctly.

Preventative Maintenance

Finally, regular professional maintenance is essential in ensuring the safety of anyone who uses your home lift. Not only will regular maintenance keep your lift operating safely and efficiently, it can also reduce the risk of damage and repairs and extend your lift’s expected lifetime.

If you notice anything unusual in the operation of your lift, such as squeaking or grating sounds as it moves, contact your local lift technician as soon as possible to ensure that your lift is safe to use.


For quality home lift services including lift maintenance and 24/7 support, contact Axis Lifts today on 1300 002 947.