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Though rapidly becoming a luxurious feature enjoyed in more and more Australian homes, the home lift still has many people feeling apprehensive about some issues. From concerns regarding safety and physical risk to worries about negative visual impact, the space required or costs involved, uneducated knowledge can significantly impact a buyer’s confidence in the prospect of installing a home lift.

Lifts are part of our everyday lives, but many people still believe some misconceptions about them. In this article, we will present 5 common myths about home lifts and debunk them for you.

1. Home lifts take up a lot of space.

Gone are the days when only expansive homes with excessive floor space could enjoy the benefits of a home lift. Through modern technology, today’s home lifts require minimal space and can comfortably fit in residencies with limited availability.

Compact in design, some current home lift models are self-standing without needing an elevator shaft, excessive mechanical structures or even a machine room. Suddenly, the smallest residences can benefit from the ease and increased accessibility of a home lift.

2. Home lifts are expensive.

In the past, home lifts were only found in affluent homes that could afford such a luxury. However, modern technology has made leaps and bounds in home lifts’ design, size and functionality features. As demand has increased and the market has grown, home lifts have become an affordable option for the everyday family.

With a wide variety of sizes, styles and models available, there is a home lift option for every home and budget. Sometimes it can be more cost-effective to install a home lift than to construct multiple labels of stairs in a new build. Additionally, with the value a home lift adds to your home plus the increased quality of life and comfort, the benefits of a home lift undoubtedly outweigh the financial outlay.

3. Installing a lift is complicated.

Another common myth regarding home lifts is that they will take excessive time and trouble to install and will negatively impact the appearance of your home. Though a standard home lift can take some time to install due to the advanced mechanics and initial set-up, many homes enjoy the simplified version of the platform lift. A platform lift has a primary ‘screw and nut’ mechanism that eliminates the traditional cable set-up, resulting in reduced installation time and lower financial outlay.

4. Home lifts are unsafe.

Movies have significantly impacted how people feel about elevators and have created a fear that home lifts are merely held in the air by deteriorating cables and weak machines that could falter at any moment, resulting in your lift crashing to the ground. Though past elevators did operate through pulley and rope-like cable systems, modern-day home lifts are securely supported by steel cables known for their incredible strength and durability. As home elevators are supported by multiple cables of this strength, a home lift could transport the weight of a car if required.

Equipped with safety sensors and the ability to automatically convert to battery power in the case of a power outage, the Hollywood scenes of an elevator crashing down are undoubtedly very far from the reality of modern-day home lifts. These multiple cables and reliable emergency braking systems eliminate the risk of a home lift falling to the ground. Additional sensors also ensure that nothing is stuck in the doors when attempting to close, reducing the risk of physical harm.

5. Home lifts are ugly.

Though this may have rung true in past eras, where elevators were bulky machines that required maximum space and spent little effort on design and style, modern technology has enabled home lifts to now have the ability to be personalised to complement the surrounding aesthetics. Getting from A to B can be done with class and style with a wide variety of models, designs and colours that will provide you with the perfect option for your home.

With the stunning aesthetics available, home lifts have become a sign of luxury and elegance within the home. They are often considered a special visual feature due to their sleek beauty and design.

It’s no surprise that home lifts have gained popularity as the preferred way to provide ease of access to all levels in the home. As technology and demand have changed and developed, so have the features, functionality and design options available in home lifts.

Though their primary use remains to provide convenience and increase the quality of life regardless of age, a home lift can assist homeowners in keeping their independence, decreasing unnecessary physical stress and reducing the risk of household injuries resulting from slips and falls on stairs.

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