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It is no surprise that home lifts are becoming popular in Australian homes. Once, only a luxury that was limited to those with a generous budget, home lifts are now bringing solutions to accessibility issues for people from all walks of life.

Whether for mobility assistance due to injury or for the elderly transitioning into their next season, home lifts are an excellent solution that offers a range of advantages for all residents. Furthermore, gone are the days of heavy bags and dreaded stairs. Transporting goods between floors can be done with the simple touch of a switch of a home lift. Home lifts are the perfect solution that increases the quality of life and future-proofs your home.

In this article, we explain the 5 top reasons why you should get a home lift.

1. Comfort

In life, we are all searching for ways to make our lives more comfortable. Whether your home has one level or multi-levels, a home lift makes transporting people or goods between floors a breeze. Imagine the relief of avoiding the stairs when you bring home the endless bags of groceries or perhaps heavy luggage after your work trip away.

Home lifts provide that added support and care to your family members, giving them the comfort they truly deserve.

2. For your golden years

Retirement is a cherished time when you or your loved ones can enjoy some well-deserved rest after their years of hard work. Unfortunately, some enter this new season with unexpected physical limitations or aches and pangs that were less noticeable in their younger years.

Age happens to all of us. The beauty of a home lift is that it allows you to embrace this chapter in the comfort of your home. A home lift can remove the physical stress of stairs in the daily routine, allowing homeowners to stay in their homes longer rather than only needing to scale their living to single-level residences.

Remaining independent and self-sufficient is always the goal of the golden years and can be achieved with the installation of a home lift.

3. Increased Safety

As our family members age, we like to know they are safe. Every person wants to feel independent in their own home, and a home lift can give that sense of security to both the elderly parents and their grown children.
Research shows that many injuries of the elderly happen within the home due to falls and slips, and one of the highest risk areas in the home is the stairs. By installing a home lift, the ease of transporting between levels is increased, while the risk of injury is substantially decreased.

With modern technology, such as weight and obstruction sensors, safety is at the forefront of home lift design. Additionally, the ability to automatically convert to battery emergency power when required allows the home lift to slowly return to the ground level in the case of a power outage. Offering greater security than the regular stair lift, installing a home lift reduces physical risk in the home and provides security to family members of all ages.

4. Consider Your Property Value

While offering a sense of luxury to the home, a home lift also increases the value of your property. Buyers are looking for houses that add the ‘extras’ they are looking for to bring more comfort and functionality to their day-to-day lives. A residential lift is a home feature that will attract buyers of all ages.

Whether for the young buyer that enjoys the increased level of class that a home lift brings to their home or the elderly buyer that purchases their new home with the knowledge that they will be comfortable and able to move around with ease and safety – home lifts are a worthwhile investment in any home.

5. Aesthetics

Alongside the advantages, such as improved accessibility and reduced risk, visual appeal will always remain a desire of every home. Although stairlifts have been a reliable solution in past years, they do not often compliment the surrounding aesthetics of the home.

Modern and compact in design, home lifts provide a feeling of elegance and luxury within the home. With a wide variety of design models and colours, a home lift can become a unique feature of the home and can be personalised to provide the desired style and class to the surroundings.

Our home is where we spend the majority of our time. It is the place in which we want to feel safe and secure. Whatever the age or the need, a home lift offers an endless list of advantages. From increasing property value to ensuring the safety and comfort of your family members, a home lift is an excellent investment.

If you are considering a home lift, Axis Lifts are experts in the field, selling and installing lifts for the residential, commercial and industrial markets.

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