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Home elevators, like the Aritco home lift, are designed with your safety as a top priority. One common concern for homeowners is what happens if there’s a power outage while using the elevator. Here’s how the Aritco home lift ensures your safety even in such situations.

Emergency Lowering System

Aritco home lifts come equipped with an emergency lowering system. This system is crucial for ensuring that you are not left stranded between floors during a power outage. The emergency lowering system is designed to automatically lower the lift to the nearest floor, allowing you to exit safely.

Battery Backup

In the event of a power outage, the Aritco home lift’s battery backup system kicks in. This battery backup ensures that the lift can still operate to bring you to the nearest floor, providing peace of mind that you will not be stuck. The battery backup is robust and reliable, designed to last long enough to safely lower the lift and open the doors.

Emergency Call Buttons

All Aritco home lifts are equipped with emergency call buttons. These buttons are crucial in ensuring help is always just a button press away. The emergency call button can be programmed to call multiple numbers until someone answers, ensuring that in the unlikely event you need assistance, you can reach out to for emergency assistance.

Axis Lifts – 24/7 Service Response

When you choose Axis Lifts for your home access needs, you not only get the high-quality Aritco home lift but also the comprehensive services that come with it. Axis Lifts offers 24/7 service response to ensure that your lift runs smoothly all year round. From helping you choose the right lift for your needs to working with you through the installation process, Axis Lifts is there every step of the way.

Each of our commercial and residential lifts comes with a built-in emergency lowering system to ensure your safety in the event of a power failure. Our team is dedicated to providing quality service and support, ensuring your peace of mind with every use of your lift.

The Aritco home lift’s combination of an emergency lowering system, battery backup, and emergency call buttons ensures that you are never left in a vulnerable position during a power outage. The lift is designed to prioritise your safety and peace of mind, ensuring that even in the case of an unexpected power failure, you can exit the lift safely and contact help if needed.

By choosing Axis Lifts, you gain access to comprehensive home access solutions and 24/7 service response, ensuring your lift operates smoothly and safely all year round. Invest in the reliability and safety of an Aritco home lift from Axis Lifts and enjoy the convenience and luxury of a home elevator, knowing that your safety is always in good hands.

Call Axis Lifts today on 1300 002 947 for a quote and let us help you choose the perfect lift for your home.