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Entering your senior years should be a season filled with the hopes and expectations of a well-deserved retirement. An increasing number of retirees are choosing to stay in their homes for longer and enjoy aging gracefully in the comfort of their familiar surroundings. No longer satisfied with settling on the bare minimum, statistics show that more seniors are searching for the best technology to ensure they live their best and happiest lives in their treasured homes.

The question is, ‘which technology will bring that happiness and added comfort to your home?’ The list of options can be endless. From air conditioning solutions to security systems and in-house passenger lifts to friendly home assistants such as Alexa and Siri, technology can bring that extra order and support to your world as you enter your senior years.

We have taken the hard work out of your search and provided a thorough insight into some of the top technology options we believe will make your retirement the best season of your life.

Best technology to help seniors live happier lives at home.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Temperature is vital in achieving comfortable living and allows you to enjoy the benefits of residential climate control. Australian seasons can vary from extreme heat to cold snaps, and ducted air conditioning is one of the best solutions to adjust smoothly to the varying climate and temperature changes.

Ducted air conditioning is a whole house solution that allows you to control all the rooms in your home from one central system. Not only is this a great convenience, but it also avoids the need for multiple split systems throughout your home. Additionally, you can experience the comfort of consistent temperature throughout all your living spaces through the simplicity of ducted air conditioning.

With the ability to heat and cool for the same system, ducted air conditioning is a cost-effective solution that offers benefits that can be enjoyed all year round.

For expert advice on home air conditioning solutions, Advanced Climate Solutions provides quality air conditioning solutions and reliable installation to ensure you have the ideal outcome for your home.

Home Passenger Lifts

Aging can often increase the need for mobility assistance due to physical limitations or injuries. Modern technology has made the installation of a home passenger lift a popular option that an increasing number of Australian seniors are reaping the benefits of within their homes.

As eyesight weakens and depth perception diminishes with age, stairs can become a domestic hazard amongst seniors. A fall for an older person can be physically impacting and, often, life-threatening. Allowing you to age in comfort in your own space, a home passenger lift eliminates the risk of falling or injury and will enable you to move between levels with safety.

Independence is a vital factor in seniors enjoying their aging process, and the installation of a home passenger lift allows you to conduct your day-to-day activities with a true sense of personal freedom.

Security systems

One choice of technology that is a must for every senior is installing a home security system. An invaluable investment, a home security system provides peace of mind for you as the homeowner and your loved ones who desire the assurance of your safety and well-being.

A reliable solution in crime prevention, security systems protect you and your property from unwanted guests with often undesirable motives. People of a criminal nature often assume that seniors are physically less capable of caring for themselves and are not as savvy in securing their homes well, making them an easier target. Installing a home security system is the best deterrent to criminal activity.

Offering protection beyond criminal activity alone, a home security system can be equipped with features that protect from various hazardous situations such as fire and flooding. Home automation features allow updates or alarms to be sent if a potential hazard is predicted.
This home automation feature of a security system can also provide simple assistance to everyday tasks such as securing door locks, adjusting lighting and temperature in the home or even alerting a need for medical help if required.

Home Assistants (Google, Alexa, Siri)

There are so many ways that you can benefit from the use of home assistants in your senior years. Smart speakers such as Google, Alexa and Siri can offer convenience and support when potential aging challenges arise, such as mobility and dexterity limitations.

Hands-free communication encourages independence in individuals and provides ease in the home when completing a wide range of daily tasks. You can use your home assistant to control varying products with your voice. With a simple short sentence, you can adjust lighting, change the temperature, turn off the TV or even make a phone call through your connected devices.

Home assistants are fast becoming a popular household installation for seniors wanting to create ease and freedom in their personal lives.

It is no surprise with the advantages that modern technology can offer that today’s seniors are pursuing these options for their homes. Whether for ease of living or to provide the assurance of well-being for your loved ones, technology has made it possible for seniors to live happier lives and age well at home.

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