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customise your home lift

A home lift is a reliable investment that will make all areas of your home easily accessible, future proof your home, and will even add value to your property. If you’ve never purchased a home lift before, follow our 5 simple steps to buying your first home elevator to ensure that your lift perfectly meets your needs.

Step 1: Research

Residential lifts have an expected lifetime of 20 to 25 years, so, much like any other long term investment, it’s important to take the time to do your own research before buying. There are many different types and styles of home lifts, designed for different uses, let alone the customisation options available for each one.

Take the time to research the home access solution that is best suited to your space, requirements, and budget. Make sure that you look into what each lift comes with as standard, and what features cost extra. For more information, expert advice, and a free quote, contact Axis Lifts today on 1300 002 947, Queensland’s leading lift provider.

Step 2: Choose The Right Lift Company

Choosing the right lift company is another essential step in purchasing your first home lift. Not only will this ensure that your lift is quality made and professionally installed, with a reliable warranty, your relationship with the lift company should extend long after installation.

Throughout the lifetime of your lift you will need a professionally qualified lift technician to provide quality lift maintenance services and repairs if needed. Additionally, if any issues arise with your lift, it’s important to be able to get in contact with your chosen lift company. That’s why Axis Lifts offers a 24/7 response service, for all of your home lift needs, day or night.

Step 3: Space & Requirements

The lift type and size you choose should be based on your available space as well as your access requirements. For example, a wheelchair user would require a larger lift platform than a single ambulant passenger.

As Queensland’s leading lift provider, Axis Lifts has experience in providing customised access solutions in a wide range of homes, both small and large, indoor and outdoor lifts, meeting the individual accessibility requirements of each customer. If you’re not sure what size or type of lift best suits your needs, give us a call today to organise an obligation free site visit and quote.

Step 4: Scheduled Servicing

Just like a car, home lifts require regular professional servicing to keep them running smoothly and efficiently. Quality servicing will also help to extend the lifetime of your lift, reduce running costs, and minimise the risk of major repairs or breakdowns.

This should be taken into account when budgeting for your lift, so it’s important to ask your lift company how frequently the lift will need servicing and how much it will cost you.

Step 5: Lift Customisation

Finally, it’s important to customise your lift to suit your needs and personal preferences, as well as the surrounding decor of where it will be installed. Enquire about customisation options before purchasing a lift to make sure that your new home lift will fit seamlessly into your home.


Axis Lifts offers customisation on each lift we supply and install, from colour and flooring material, to what type of door your lift will have. Call us today on 1300 002 947 to discuss how we can provide the ideal lift for your space, needs, and budget, or fill out our contact form.