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There are many benefits to installing a home elevator, from improved accessibility to increasing the value of your home. Although a home elevator can be a significant upfront investment, they tend to quickly pay for themselves by future-proofing your home and simultaneously improving saleability.

Additionally, home lifts are typically inexpensive to run and maintain. In fact, there are a number of steps you can take to ensure that your home lift operates smoothly and efficiently, reducing running costs.

How To Keep Your Home Elevator Energy Efficient

planning for emergencies with a home lift

Professional Installation

The first step in ensuring that your home lift is energy efficient is having your lift professionally installed by fully qualified and experienced lift technicians. Not only is professional lift installation essential to ensure the safe operation of your lift, a correctly installed lift will also ensure that the lift runs efficiently as intended by the manufacturer.

Regular Professional Maintenance

Like any other machine, a home lift needs regular professional maintenance and servicing to keep it running smoothly. A lift maintenance contract will ensure that your lift is regularly serviced and inspected. This means that if there are any issues or damage to the lift it can be identified early during your scheduled maintenance before it becomes a larger issues and potentially needs major repair services.

In addition, regular lift servicing and inspections will ensure that all of the components of the lift are operating as they should, maintaining high energy efficiency and reducing the risk of unexpected repairs.

Energy Efficient Upgrades

There are a number of features in a standard residential lift that can be upgraded to improve its energy efficiency. From something as simple as replacing old, incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs to replacing outdated hardware for newer, more efficient parts.

Though home lifts come with a lengthy expected lifespan of 20 to 25 years, taking the opportunity to replace outdated hardware and modernise your lift can result in an immediate increase in energy efficiency, reducing your power bill and extending the lifespan of your lift.

Home Lift Installations & Repairs Queensland

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