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One of the most important decisions to make when installing a home lift is the lift configuration, or where the entry points of your lift will be located. This can affect both the installation cost as well as the usability of your home lift.

There are three lift configurations that are typically used for residential lifts: same side, straight through, and 90 degree.

home lift configuration

Same Side Configuration

In a same side configuration, passengers enter and exit the lift from the same side at each landing. This means that there only needs to be one door in the lift, making same side configuration the most cost effective option.

However, same side configurations can be tricky when retrofitting lifts depending on the layout of the house and whether or not the landings naturally line up with one another. To discuss whether same side lift configuration will work in your home, talk to your local lift experts at Axis Lifts today on 1300 002 947.

Straight Through Configuration

Straight through configuration is the ideal option for wheelchair access as wheelchair users can enter the lift from one side and exit on the other. This makes getting in and out of the lift as simple as going down a hallway, as passengers will not need to manoeuvre inside the lift or back out.

Straight through configuration requires two doors inside the lift opposite to one another, which will increase the cost of lift installation in comparison to a single door lift.

90 Degrees Configuration

90 degree lift configuration is when passengers enter the lift from one side, and exit from a door to the left or right of the entry (whichever is applicable to the home layout). This is a great option for home layouts that don’t naturally accommodate the incorporation or where space or building constraints may be an issue.

However, of the three options, this configuration can prove to be the most challenging as wheelchair users are required to manoeuvre within the lift in order to exit. This is because, as the doors inside the lift are perpendicular to one another, wheelchair users cannot simply back out or drive straight through. Instead, they will need to use a side door to exit, requiring the wheelchair to be manoeuvred 90 degrees while inside the lift.

As a result, the platform of a wheelchair lift with a 90 degree configuration will need to be larger in order to facilitate the turning of a wheelchair. Additionally, the platform must be deep enough to accommodate an additional door on the side of the lift, regardless of whether or not the lift will be used for wheelchairs. This can mean that installation costs are increased as there is need for two doors as well as a larger platform size.


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