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Once only considered for those living in luxury or with extreme mobility needs, a home lift has become a coveted consideration for anyone wanting to increase ease and comfort within their home. Also commonly known as a residential elevator, a home lift allows you to move from level to level in your home in style without compromising space.

Installing a home lift offers excellent benefits to every household member, from supporting mobility issues to creating ease when transporting heavy groceries, prams or deliveries between levels. The advantages are endless, and they can all come to life with the simple touch of a button.
Whether a new build or retrofit, there are home lift options to suit your unique space, style and needs.

Here we explain three key reasons why installing a home lift could be the ideal solution for your upcoming build.

Build up not out

Build Up, Not Out – Price Of Land

When planning your build or upgrade, maximising space is always high on the list of top priorities with families. With the current price of land, it is no surprise that the ability to build up, not out is invaluable. Land blocks are smaller and selling points are higher as people aim to create the dream home that can meet their functional requirements and work within their financial confines. Designing the best floor plan, implementing perfectly fitting furniture and negotiating the ideal staircase width are highly researched topics that can often consume endless hours of planning time and cause unnecessary stress.

The need to expand your home’s lower level by extending that wall or building another room downstairs for your elderly relative is eliminated by installing a home lift. A home lift decreases the planning boundaries and encourages maximum use of the rooms and floor space on both levels by your family members and guests.

Additionally, the space saved when choosing a home lift over a regular staircase is a great advantage of installing a home lift. Generally centralised in the home, staircases are bulky and eat into the prime floor space available in your design plans. Home lifts come in many options that do not take up a lot of space and can increase your opportunities for placement within your home to best suit your functionality requirements.

Future Proofing For Retirement

Future Proofing For Retirement

When planning a new build, implementing features that will be attractive to future buyers and increase your market value is vital in the buzzing world of real estate. Today’s buyers no longer settle to merely keep up with the Jones’s and are passionate about finding the stand-out features that set their future residence apart from the rest.

A modern home lift adds that point difference to your residence. With a stylish sense of luxury, a home lift sends a positive message to the buyer looking for comfort, ease and a hint of glamour in their day-to-day.

A common search amongst the general population is to discover ways to enhance daily life. A home lift offers personal benefits throughout your years, whatever the season. From the young parent grateful for a helping hand to the sudden discovery of increased physical limitations that arise in the later years of life, a home lift offers mobility support to all ages. Installing a home lift into your new build ensures you are set and ready for every season and every age demographic without needing to consider an installation in the future.

A home lift offers personal benefits for you and your family, future advantages for your next buyer and increased market value. A home lift is an ideal choice for any new build.

Easier To Move Goods Between Levels

Easier To Move Goods Between Levels

Whether moving groceries to your upstairs kitchen, delivering new furniture that would prove impossible via the staircase or transporting precious family and friends between levels, a home lift offers endless advantages to all household members and provides an ease to the transportation of goods between levels.

Research has shown that countless household injuries and damaged possessions are due to staircases. Common issues such as slipping down stairs or damaging valuable items while travelling between levels only confirm the safety issues staircases present daily.
Whether your precious cargo or valued guests, a home lift increases household safety and reduces the risk of injury to yourself or the items you may be manually moving. Home lifts provide an easier way to move between levels.

The choice to install a home lift offers endless benefits to all household family and friends. From the young to the elderly, a home lift is an appealing attribute that provides freedom to move between levels in your home with ease and comfort. Whether installed for increased functionality or to add a touch of luxury to your new build, a home lift is an excellent access solution for the home and the perfect way to future-proof your residence.

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