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Home lifts are becoming increasingly prevalent in todays Australia with an aging population and advancements in technology the price of a home lift has become far more reachable for the everyday Australian. Whether your wanting to add a modern luxury, age in place or increase accessibility in the home the big question for many Aussie homeowners is this: Should you opt for an indoor or outdoor lift?

How Much Space is Needed?

The Essential Consideration: Space is often the biggest factor when deciding on a lift. Indoor lifts need enough room for the whole setup, which might mean rejigging your current home layout. But if you’re tight on space, or just don’t fancy an interior overhaul, an outdoor lift is a still a good option. It offers accessibility without sacrificing any of your precious indoor living space. (Rest assured we have a range of residential indoor lifts available to suit any space requirements including the most compact home lift on the market with a tiny footprint of 580 x 805mm.)

Does Kerb Appeal Affect Your Decision?

Keeping Your Home’s Charm: How your home looks from the street, or its ‘kerb appeal’, is crucial. While outdoor lifts can change the external look of your home, indoor lifts are much more subtle. If maintaining your home’s current look from the kerb is important to you, an indoor lift might be your go-to choice.

Considering Room Layout

To Change or Not to Change: Redesigning your home’s layout to accommodate a lift can be a big task. If that’s not on your wish list, an externally mounted lift could be the solution. These lifts cause minimal disruption to your home’s interior, making the installation process a breeze.

Battling the Aussie Climate: Let’s talk weather. Outdoor lifts are built to handle typical Australian weather conditions like rain and sunshine. But, if you live in an area with more extreme weather, such as heavy coastal storms or the tropical conditions of the Far North, an indoor lift might be more suitable to keep your lift safe from the elements. As most homes are air conditioned in QLD an indoor lift is also more suitable to maintain a cool transition between levels.

Choosing between an indoor or outdoor lift means considering space, design, and practical elements like the local climate. Whether it’s about preserving your home’s aesthetics, accommodating space constraints, or weatherproofing your lift, there’s a suitable option for every home. And with expert help from QLD lift companies like Axis Lifts, you’re sure to find the perfect lift for your home.

QLD Lift Company Axis Lifts

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