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Home Lifts
Home lifts vary in price depending on a number of factors and optional extras including; finishes, door configuration, size, load capacity, number of stops and travel distance. For a basic home lift with a standard installation it typically costs between $40000 and $60000.

There are a lot of features and design options when it comes to choosing a home lift so it’s always best to understand how you will want to use your lift. This will help you choose the right type of lift and control the overall cost.

So why do people install home lifts?
The simple answer is improving quality of life. However, the driving force behind choosing a home lift changes from person to person.

Senior years
For some in their senior years climbing the stairs or moving items around the home isn’t quite as easy as it once was. A home lift provides the opportunity of staying in their current home without restricting their movements. For example, a home lift can help by bringing the groceries in from the car or transporting boxes or other items around the home.

Disability access
For those that have had their mobility impacted a home lift provides the opportunity to continue moving around the home with greater ease. And their choice of residence isn’t space restricted to a one-story property.

For some, a home lift is just a more convenient option. They want to take advantage of the improvements a home lift offers to the way we move in our home from transporting groceries and items from the car to moving furniture and other items around the home.

For others a home lift offers a sense of luxury to the home, with high-quality materials and glass panels to gaze out at views. Well designed, high-quality home lifts can provide a wow factor to any home.

Building Up
Inner-city suburb property prices have skyrocketed and we still want our space. To retain the usable indoor square footage for your home it’s often cheaper to build up than out and for those that have a hate for climbing stairs multiple times per day a home lift is a viable solution to get what you want and keep the price of land down.