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Artificial grass has a broad range of benefits for seniors, from enhanced safety to reduced maintenance and lush year-round aesthetics.

While the artificial grass of old looked tacky and fake, modern iterations appear just like the real thing. What’s more, going synthetic will save you time and money—two precious commodities in your twilight years.

In this post, we’re explaining the benefits of artificial grass for seniors and providing seven compelling reasons why you should switch from turf to synthetic.

Reduced Maintenance

You’ve worked long and hard to reach retirement. The last thing you want is to waste it toiling away with back-breaking labour in the backyard.

One of the main advantages of synthetic grass over turf is it requires very little maintenance. No more mowing, watering, weeding or fertilising your lawn. That’s especially beneficial for the elderly who find gardening too taxing in their later years.

Best of all, you can use this extra free time to pursue your passions or socialise with family and friends.

A Lush Year-Round Look

Natural turf has a nasty habit of drying out and wilting during the sweltering summer months. But with synthetic grass, you’ll enjoy a lovely luscious aesthetic during even the most severe droughts. Moreover, artificial grass won’t develop those unsightly patches that arise from heavy everyday use.

Artificial grass looks surprisingly realistic these days. Don’t worry; you won’t ruin your backyard aesthetic.

Safer, More Even Terrain

Falls are a significant threat to elderly Australians. One in three people over 65 experience a fall yearly, many of whom end up in the hospital or worse.

Although most falls occur in high-risk areas inside the home (the bathroom and kitchen are notoriously treacherous), the backyard also poses a significant risk. Natural turf entails rugged, uneven terrain with a host of hard-to-see tripping hazards. From sticks to ditches and hidden rocks, a turf lawn can feel like a minefield to the old and infirm.

The blades of artificial grass, on the other hand, permanently remain at a low height so you can easily spot dangerous obstacles. More importantly, a reputable contractor will lay synthetic grass in a smooth, even manner to further mitigate the risk of falls.

Less Reliance on Your Support Network

Many older Australians are forced to reach out to their support network for help with household chores. Whether it’s relatives, a government-funded carer, or a life-long friend, these generous helping hands offer much-needed assistance to enable the elderly to continue living at home.

But even the most charitable contact can only do so much. By freeing up the arduous task of ongoing lawn maintenance, your support network can assist you with more pressing matters. Plus, you’ll obtain a sensation of independence as you won’t have to seek out frequent help with the lawn.

Reduced Costs

Retirement is expensive. Unless you made substantial super contributions throughout your entire career, chances are you’ll have to pinch a few pennies in your later years. Although synthetic grass entails an upfront investment, low maintenance costs mean you’ll save money in the long run.

Many older Australians employ gardeners to look after their lawns. By switching to synthetic, you can forgo this fortnightly expense—or you can instruct your helper to focus on other things. Artificial grass also helps slash your quarterly water bill and all those bothersome lawn mower-related expenses.

Create a Home Putting Green or Lawn Bowls Green

Remaining active is of utmost importance in your twilight years. Even a tiny amount of daily exercise can help you live a healthier, happier, and longer existence. But as our bodies deteriorate and driving becomes problematic, it’s easy to lose motivation to get out of the house and exercise.

With artificial grass, you can set up a fully functional putting or bowling green in the backyard. Natural grass creates too much resistance for these senior-friendly sports, but the smooth synthetic stuff works like a dream. And with a handy at-home green at your disposal, you can step outside and practice whenever you please.

Not only will that help keep you fit and healthy, but it’ll also give you a competitive edge. Just imagine the look of amazement on your colleagues’ faces when you snag a killer score at your local bowling club.

A Beautiful Garden Doesn’t Need a Natural Lawn

Switching to synthetic grass doesn’t mean you have to give up on your garden entirely. You can still enjoy the benefits of an artificial lawn while maintaining natural elements like flower beds, shrubbery, and raised pot plants around the exterior.

A verdant artificial lawn serves as a functional and aesthetically pleasing centrepiece to any outdoor space.


When moving into your senior years its a great time to consider the areas of your life or home you can simplify to help you stay in the home you love for as long as possible. If you are looking for more ways you can improve your home mobility contact the team at Axis Lifts today.