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what to look for in a home lift

If you’re looking to install a home lift there are a number of factors to consider to ensure that you are choosing the right lift for your access needs. From size and design to the safety features and servicing requirements of your chosen lift.

Axis Lifts is Queensland’s leading lift company, providing a range of residential lifts to fit any home, budget, and accessibility needs. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for in a home lift or you need some advice from the industry experts on choosing your lift, Axis Lifts has the solution. Call us today on 1300 002 947 for a free consultation and quote.

What To Look For In A Home Lift


Choosing the right sized lift for your needs is an important step in the lift buying process. Consider both cabin size and shaft size to ensure that your home lift is well equipped for your access needs as well as the size and layout of your home.

Lift size is an important consideration as choosing a lift that is too large could mean a higher upfront and running cost for additional capacity that is unneeded. For example, a lift that accommodates 5 people when you live alone or as a couple. Additionally, choosing a larger lift without considering how it will fit into the layout of your home can result in a disjointed floor plan.

Alternatively, choosing a lift that is too small could mean that your lift does not meet your accessibility needs. For example, a lift that can only transport a single person when you often are accompanied by a carer or family member.

Axis Lifts offers a range of home lifts to suit your needs from the more compact Aritco 4000 range to our larger Axis 18 lift. For more information call 1300 002 947 or visit our residential lifts page.

Design & Customisation

Some lifts come with more design features and customisation options than others as there are many features of a lift, both decorative and functional, that can affect its overall look and feel. If the look and design of your lift is a high priority to ensure that your lift fits seamlessly into your home and decor style, a more customisable lift is the best solution. Axis Lifts offers a range of home lifts with customisation options to suit your needs and taste, including the choice of colour and materials used.

Conversely, if you’re less concerned with the specific design of your lift, there are other lifts that come with fewer customisation options at a lower price point with a sleek, timeless design that can complement any home and decor.
Safety Features

One of the main reasons to install a home lift is to ensure safe travel between levels of your home for yourself, your family, and your visitors. As such, it is important to choose a lift that will give you peace of mind that in the unlikely event of a breakdown that any passengers in the lift will remain safe.

Some safety features to consider when looking for a home lift include an emergency phone, smoke and fire alarm, and a safe evacuation function in the event of a power outage that will safely lower passengers to the lowest landing and open doors to allow for safe disembarkation. Additional safety features may include motion sensors to detect obstructive objects in which case the lift will stop and prevent further travel towards the obstruction, and fall prevention fail-safes that will prevent the lift from free-falling if the ropes or hoist shaft breaks.

Service Requirements

Finally, all home lifts require regular professional maintenance and servicing to keep them operating safely and efficiently. When looking for a home lift you should also look into the service requirements of each lift.

Talk to your lift provider about how often your chosen lift will need to be professionally serviced and find out whether or not they can provide that service for you or if you will have to find a third party. Additionally, finding a lift provider with a 24/7 service response, such as Axis Lifts, will give you a direct line to a qualified team for troubleshooting and advice in the event of an issue arising.

Reliable Home Lift Installations

Axis Lifts is Queensland’s leading lift company, providing reliable home lift installations at an affordable price. We offer a range of home lifts to suit any home and access needs, whether you need a wheelchair lift large enough to accommodate multiple people or a compact lift for an ambulant passenger. If you’re looking to install a home lift in Brisbane or Queensland, look no further than Axis Lifts. Call us today on 1300 002 947 for personalised advice and a free quote.