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what to do when power cuts out in liftOne of the most common concerns of anyone considering a home lift installation is what happens if you’re in the lift during a power failure. We’ve all seen the cliche elevator scene in movies where a lift is trapped between floors for hours on end, leaving us wondering whether or not that could actually happen in real life.

However, since the invention of the lift there have been huge technological advancements in terms of lift safety features. Both commercial and residential lifts today are much safer than they have ever been, and come with a range of safety features to ensure the safety of occupants in the rare case that something goes wrong, such as an unexpected power outage.

What To Do If There Is A Power Failure When You’re In Your Home Lift

If there is a power outage in your home you should not attempt to use your home lift unless otherwise advised by the lift manufacturer. Additionally, if you have lift installed in your home you should always try to stay updated with scheduled power outages in your area and avoid using your lift during these times.

However, if the power cuts out unexpectedly, it’s important to remain calm, call the helpline, and follow their advice.

1) Remain Calm

The first thing to do if the power cuts out while you are using your home lift is remain calm. Remember that there are safety features and procedures in place that were designed for this exact eventuality.

Many lifts are equipped with a battery backup system that will automatically lower you to the closest floor and open the doors allowing you to safely exit the lift. In fact, all of the commercial and residential lifts supplied by Axis Lifts have a built-in emergency lowering system.

2) Call The Helpline

It is a legal requirement for all residential lifts to have a communication system to provide assistance to the occupants in the event that the lift unexpectedly stops working. If the power cuts out and your lift doesn’t automatically lower to the closest floor, use the phone or emergency communication system located inside the lift, typically near the operating panel.

There will either be a push button that auto dials or a dial pad on the phone with an emergency number displayed nearby.

3) Follow Their Advice

Once you have made contact using the helpline, you can rest assured that help is on the way. Follow the advice of the service operator and wait patiently for help to arrive.

Warning: Never attempt to exit the lift yourself against the instructions of the service operator.

Axis Lifts – 24/7 Service Response

Axis Lifts offers comprehensive home access solutions services. From helping you choose the right lift for your needs, to working with you through the installation process, and our 24/7 service response team to ensure that your lift runs smoothly all year round.

Each of our commercial and residential lifts come with a built in emergency lowering system to ensure your safety in the event of a power failure. Choose Axis Lifts for all of your home access needs. Call us today on 1300 002 947 for a quote.