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how to make your business wheelchair accessible

Platform lifts are a great solution for helping wheelchair users overcome vertical barriers. They are quite often found in public buildings, commercial spaces, schools, hospitals and some homes.

A vertical wheelchair/platform lift is an accessibility device. They are designed to help users with disabilities overcome vertical barriers such as stairs. They feature a platform that lifts passengers up and down through hydraulic power. The lift is gated to stop users falling off the platform while in use.

How do they work?

A vertical wheelchair lift is run by an electric motor and converts the energy into hydraulic power. They are user-controlled, with buttons on the control panel. This allows the operator to have full control and move up or down as required.

Where do they fit?

Vertical wheelchair lifts like the Axis Lifts MPR are compact in design. They take up a small footprint making them perfect for tight access or small areas and suit both indoor and outdoor applications.

What happens if there is a power outage?

Vertical wheelchair lifts like Axis Lifts MPR feature an emergency lowering system. This is a built in safety feature for situations like a power outage. When the lift losers access to power it lowers to the closest level for the safe exit of passengers.

Where can I get a vertical wheelchair lift?

Vertical wheelchair lifts are available from lift providers like Axis Lifts.