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A home lift is a great investment that can make life a whole lot easier. Not only will the installation of a home lift make all levels of your home accessible to all of your family, friends, and guests, regardless of their mobility level. A home lift can also make life easier in a number of other ways such as making it easy to transport large or heavy items between floors, ensuring the safety of yourself and your loved ones, allowing you to maintain independence, and making it easier to sell your home if you choose to do so.

5 Ways A Home Lift Can Make Your Life Easier

how home lift makes life easier

1) Improve Accessibility

An obvious benefit, and one of the most common reasons residential lifts are installed, is that a residential can make a multi level home accessible to people of all levels of mobility. This includes anyone using mobility aids such as a wheelchair, walker, mobility scooter, crutches, etc.

This ensures that homeowners can remain in their multi-storey homes as they age, and potentially lose mobility, as well as accommodating any guests with mobility issues.

2) Increase Safety

Anyone can trip or fall while walking up or down a set of stairs, regardless of their fitness or mobility level. However the risk of injury when using stairs is much higher for children, the elderly, and anyone with limited mobility.

Additionally, carrying large or heavy items up and down the stairs can be difficult and dangerous, potentially causing a serious injury and even chronic pain.

Installing a home lift will ensure that all of the members of your household, whether a young child or an elderly parent, can safely travel between floors, without fear of injury when using the stairs.

3) Added Convenience

Another way that installing a home lift can make life easier is the added convenience. Not only will you be able to avoid the arduous task of walking up and down a set of stairs each day, a home lift provides the added convenience of easily moving items between floors. Whether you need to transport furniture, groceries, laundry, or rubbish bags, your home lift will do the heavy lifting for you.

4) Maintain Independence

As humans age, we undergo a series of physiological changes that can result in a loss of muscle and can potentially reduce mobility. Installing a lift now will allow you to maintain independence well into your retirement to prevent having to relocate to a single storey home later in life.

5) Increase Property Value

Installing a home lift will also increase the value of your property. This means that if you do decide to sell, you will likely receive a higher selling price than the same house without a home lift.

In addition, a home lift will help your home to appeal to a wider market. This is because a two or three storey home with a lift will appeal to buyers with mobility limitations or those who are just looking for the convenience of a single storey home. This means that when it comes time to sell your home, it will sell faster, and for a higher price, with a residential lift than it would without one.

Affordable Home Lifts Queensland

With technological advancements and the development of more compact lifts, home lifts are more affordable and readily available than ever before. As Queensland’s number one lift company, Axis Lifts offers quality home lift installations Brisbane and Queensland wide at an affordable price. Call us today on 1300 002 947 for expert advice on the right lift for your needs and a free quote.