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Whether personally experiencing the effects of aging or supporting a family member as they enter their senior season, we all desire the same sense of safety and stability in our latter years. Home automation technology has made leaps and bounds in recent years, focusing on the need of seniors within their place of residence.

Independence and personal freedom are underlying factors that significantly impact one’s self-worth and purpose for the better. Sometimes it is hard to accept the changes that come with age, and asking for help can leave seniors feeling low in what should be a wonderful new season. However, home automation technology provides an innovative range of solutions. With a simple switch flick or a handy app, seniors can simplify routines, set schedules, turn off lights, or even enjoy the added security of seeing who is at the front door.

Genuine quality of life is something we desire for ourselves and our loved ones. By incorporating some handy home automation options with the home, you will be well on your way to a convenient and tech-savvy lifestyle.

To get you started, we have covered some of our top recommendations in home automation technology for seniors for 2023.

Home Assistants For Seniors

Home Assistants

Though seniors are less tech-minded than the younger generations, home assistants have become increasingly popular in the aging community. Generally voice-activated, home assistants are easy to use and can offer ease in the home by controlling compatible devices to simplify daily activities.

Well-known home assistants such as Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri can cover a range of tasks with a quick and simple ‘Hey Google’. Making phone calls, setting medication reminders, checking the weather and turning off the lights or tv can suddenly be a hands-free experience that provides a sense of independence and control without any effort or stress required.

Home assistants are conveniently housed in small speaker-like devices such as the Amazon Echo Dot or the Apple HomePod Mini. Inexpensive to purchase, these compact devices easily fit on a kitchen bench or small shelf, making them a suitable option for any sized home or apartment.

Robovac For Seniors

Robot Vacuum Mop with docking and self-extraction

Cleaning the home is never something we want to spend much of our time on. Especially in their senior years, people often experience the start of mobility challenges and move at a slower pace than they once did, making cleaning an added challenge.
Home automation technology and a robot vacuum mop integration can make cleaning easier, faster and less strenuous with no pushing or pulling required. Robotic vacuums allow you to relax with a cuppa while the floors are getting their weekly clean.

Gone are the days of heavy corded vacuum cleaners or stick vacuums with short-lived battery life. Robot Vaccum mops with docking and self-extraction features can turn a once-dreaded cleaning day into an enjoyable occasion.

Video Doorbells For Seniors

Video doorbells

Knowing your aging loved ones feel safe in their own home is something we all desire. Video doorbells have become a highly sought-after device for seniors in their homes, allowing them to view who is outside their front door without walking a step. With the ability to see and speak to the person at the front door, video doorbells ease the concerns of the elderly resident that does not want to open the door to see who is there.

An additional benefit of video doorbells is the ability to share digital viewing access with loved ones via a simple app. Doubling as an effective security camera, a video doorbell can alert the owner or their loved ones of movement outside the front door before the doorbell is activated.

Smart Lighting For Seniors

Smart lighting

Smart lighting is an excellent idea for seniors and a must-have technology option for their homes. Simple to use, smart lighting functions through wifi-compatible LED lightbulbs that can be operated through an app on a smart device such as a mobile phone or laptop. Allowing increased control and home efficiency, elderly homeowners can customise the lighting throughout the home according to their specific needs or planned activities throughout the day.

With voice-activated features, smart lighting can quickly turn on and off with a simple short phrase. For example, the ability to quickly turn on lights when moving through dark rooms helps reduce the risk of falls and physical injury due to unseen objects or furniture. Furthermore, smart lighting can provide increased security to the home by being set to appear as though someone is home when the owner is out or away on holiday.

As simple as installing a smart LED bulb and pairing it with an app on your device, smart lighting is an inexpensive home automation that offers excellent benefits for seniors.

Home automation installations have become more than just luxuries for the few. They are now viewed as essential integrations that should be present in the homes of all senior citizens and those entering their next season of aging. With the advancement of modern technology, the wide range of home automation options can be customised to specific requirements and easily operated using simple apps and smart devices.

From smart lighting to robotic vacuum cleaners, home automation has never been so accessible, bringing increased support, safety and comfort to elderly homeowners throughout Australia.

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