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how to choose the right lift maintenance company

Installing a lift is a long term investment that will ensure easy access to your home or building for years to come, regardless of mobility levels. However, caring for your lift does not stop after installation. Regular, professional lift maintenance will help to extend the lifetime of your lift, reduce running costs by ensuring that your lift is operating efficiently, and can even prevent unexpected repairs or breakdowns.

Taking the time to choose the right lift company for your lift and budget will save you money and ensure that your lift continues to run smoothly year round.

Axis Lifts is Queensland’s leading lift provider, offering affordable lift installation and maintenance services Brisbane and Queensland wide. We offer a range of lift maintenance packages for both commercial and residential lifts as well as a 24/7 service response. Call us today on 1300 002 947 for a free quote.

How To Choose The Right Lift Maintenance Company

Trained & Qualified

It is essential that anyone who works on your lift is adequately trained and qualified to do so. This will ensure the safety of the lift technician as well as your household and anyone else who may use the lift.

Allowing unqualified persons to perform work on your lift can result in a void warranty and insurance issues, let alone the threat to safety created for anyone who will be using the lift. Your lift technicians should be able to quickly produce proof of their qualifications and licensing upon request.

Experience & Expertise

Choosing a lift company with experienced lift technicians will ensure that you are getting value for your money with efficient lift maintenance and repairs. Most lift companies will have experience working with a range of different types of lifts such as traction, hydraulic, and screw nut systems. However, it’s important to ensure that your lift company has specific experience and expertise in maintaining and repairing your lift type.

Taking the time to ensure that your chosen lift company is experienced in servicing and maintaining your lift type will ensure that any repairs, maintenance, or problem diagnosis is completed quickly and efficiently, keeping your lift running smoothly year round.


Another key consideration when choosing a lift maintenance company is availability. It’s important to know that you will be able to quickly get in contact with your lift company in the event of an unexpected breakdown or emergency.

Choosing a lift company that provides 24/7 support services will ensure that there will be someone to help if your lift encounters an issue, day or night. Additionally, your chosen lift company should have enough lift technicians to provide timely support and repairs when needed.

With more lift technicians than any other Queensland lift company, and a 24/7 service response, you can count on Axis Lifts for all of your commercial and residential lift needs.


Finally, consider the location of your lift maintenance company. Choosing a locally based company will ensure that you are able to get a timely response for urgent lift repairs and services.

Reliable Lift Maintenance Queensland

Axis Lifts are your local lift specialists, providing reliable lift maintenance services Queensland wide. With over 94 years combined industry experience and more lift technicians than any other Queensland lift company, you can count on us to keep your lift running smoothly and efficiently all year round. Call us today on 1300 122 868 for more information on our lift maintenance packages or fill out our contact form.