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A home lift is a long term investment that can benefit your entire household as well as guests. Not only will installing a home lift make living in a multi level home more comfortable, it can also help to future proof your home, maintain your independence, and even adds value to your property.


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1) Reduced Mobility

There are many causes of reduced mobility, from arthritis and diabetes to injury and even aging. If you or a loved one is suffering from a decrease in mobility, regularly having to navigate a set of stairs is not only inconvenient, it can even be dangerous. In fact, pushing your body to its limits by walking up and down the stairs multiple times a day when you suffer from mobility issues can have serious adverse health effects.

If you have found that it has recently become harder than it used to be to constantly be using the stairs to access each level of your home, or even if you’re still up to the task of navigating the stairs right now, it may be time to install a home lift. Not only will a home lift make living in a multi level home easy and comfortable, it will future proof your home and ensure your independence as you age.

2) Regular Visits From Elderly Family Members & Friends

Whether you have elderly parents, grandparents, family friends, or neighbours who visit often, installing a home lift in your multi level home will ensure that all of your family and friends feel comfortable when they visit.

A home lift will give your guests access to all levels of your home, regardless of ability. Additionally, providing a lift for ease of transport will reduce the risk of injury to your loved ones when travelling between levels.

In Australia, it’s not uncommon for elderly parents or relatives to move in with their kids later in life. Installing a home lift will ensure their safety and comfort whether they’re moving in or just visiting.

3) Maintain Independence

If you love your home and can’t bear to part with the memories it holds,installing a lift is a great way to maintain your independence without having to relocate. Rather than shifting to an aged care facility, a home lift can make it easy to age in place and live comfortably in your own home.

A home lift has many benefits for seniors wishing to remain in the home they raised a family in. Not only will installing a lift allow you easy access to each level of your home, it will also help to reduce the risk of falls or accidents when using the stairs. Additionally, home lifts can be used to transport items such as groceries, laundry, and even furniture allowing you to be more independent than ever.

4) Looking To Sell Your Home

Finally, if you’re looking to sell your home, it may be the perfect time to install a home lift. A home lift will help your home to appeal to a wider audience. This is because meany buyers will automatically rule out multi level homes, whether they suffer from mobility issues, have young children or just prefer not to have the hassle of traipsing up and down the stairs all day.

However, a home lift takes away all of the disadvantages of a multi storey home by making all areas as easily accessible as a single storey house.

A home with a lift will also appeal to buyers looking for a long term investment where they can one day retire without the worry of having to relocate to a more accessible home. Plus, a lift will give your home a unique selling point when compared with all of the other properties on the market.

Adding a home lift to a house that you are looking to sell can be particularly profitable when situated in a neighbourhood that tends to attract older residents.


Affordable Lift Installations Queensland & NSW

Whether you’re looking to future proof your home, maintain independence, or sell your property, a home lift could be the solution. Axis Lifts is Queensland’s leading lift provider. Our home lifts are available in a range of sizes, with optional colours and materials to suit any decor.

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